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Many people thought that in job seeking, having a good CV (Resume) can sufficiently impress employers. However, that claim is not enough. Besides CV, a graduate cover letter is also in need. 

Thus, in this post, let’s learn how to write a good graduate cover letter to get hired right away!

How To Write A Persuasive Graduate Cover Letter

Nowadays, the high unemployment rate has become a worldwide issue that every country has to face. In the office world, the battle of chasing a job is so challenging that it’s a must to learn how to be perfect at any single step to get the best performance.

Thus, like the Resume, a cover letter is required to be as brief, condensed, and impressive as possible. However, what makes it different from the CV is that it is in long-text form. Therefore, you can illustrate your profile through imagery, depiction, and lively expression in Cover Letter than in CV. 

That being said, while writing the Cover Letter, you must omit the habit of listing ideas and achievements in short phrases. Instead, try to paraphrase your achievements in impressive words.

Personal Statement

You should state your purpose.

The first part of a cover letter is to describe yourself. In other words, you should give a brief idea of why you write this letter to the recruiter and why you think this job is a match for you.

Let us dive deep into the reason part. Just imagine, when writing an email or a letter, at the beginning, after writing “Dear (name),” you must introduce yourself and why you contact them, right? This part must be placed at the beginning of the letter. Otherwise, readers cannot know why you approached them, and they can throw your letter away.

So, how to write a proper purpose? In fact, there is no confirmation of a good “statement,” but we advise you to write that you want to approach the recruiters because you see their recruitment post, and you find yourself suitable.

What is a “personal statement” then? In this part, readers expect to see a short depiction of yourself, how you fit the job and how qualified you are. You can integrate this statement into the purpose of writing. 

The length is about 1 or 2 lines because you will dive deep into your qualification in the next section. Just think as you are writing a short “Instagram biography line” – this part is similar.

Personal Profile

The previous section works as a “lure” for readers to provoke their curiosity and first impression on you, and this second part will analyze it.

In the personal profile sector, please introduce yourself, your career experience, in other words, what makes you worth-choosing. This letter is written to impress the hirers on why they should choose you for this job, so, only choose the previous works that show off your qualification and amazing performance.

Suppose you are applying for a “Digital Marketing Executive” job; it would help list some significant projects you did and your roles in these projects. 

“I used to work as a Marketing Intern” for the 2020 Spring Campaign for A label. This project is targeted to reach out 5000 first customers to raise public awareness about the brand. 

As a Marketing Intern, I created content directions for social media, proposed and coordinated the “B” follow-up campaign. After one month, more than 10000 people like the social page, with more than 90% of organic reactions every day. The offline campaign B receives remarkable achievements: 5 thousand-views articles online, 3 KOLs mentioned, and reaches the targeted customers database.” 


An impressive cover letter can give you a higher chance of getting a job.

Now that the employers are having a firm impression about your profile, you must do another step to strengthen their memories: tell them which skills you have through those experiences and how those abilities are, surprisingly, fit this vacancy.

Unlike the personal profile parts, the skills part should be in all keywords, not lengthy depiction. The recruiters have read enough, and now you should wake them up by firm confirmation. 

Let us give you an example of how to write the skills sector, following the previous profile depiction:

“Through these relevant projects, I have learned how to create viral social media content, as well as compose digital products as video, photos, PR posts to promote the brand. I also have experience in events operation, PR booking, advertisement making and gain lots of insights in the PR and Advertising field.” 

Did you see the bold keywords? Those are the most effective words that will leave a strong impression in recruiters’ memory because those are what they need in an applicant. If you “highlight” them that you are qualified in all those skills, your chance of acceptance is super high, then.

For those who don’t get used to writing, we know that it is challenging to “bluff” about yourself like that. It sounds so “narcissist” to show off yourself, but it’s a must to showcase yourself in this highly competitive world when needed.

Besides, there are lots of “write my essay for me” services on the Internet, and you just need to pay a few dollars for them to complete a qualified cover letter for you. 

We understand there are times you may think about using these tools. However, please don’t choose this way because the letter received will sound so fake and unauthentic.


Following the skills and experience sections is “Achievements.” You can integrate the “achievements” with the “Personal Profile” if you just start the career and don’t have many remarkable figures to showcase.

In the “Achievements” paragraph, you can list out some performances (with specific data) so that the recruiters can see how qualified and talented you are. There is a saying that “Businessmen don’t care about process, their only concern is the final statistics.” Therefore, if you want to strengthen the employers’ belief, it’s a must to provide them with as specific a number as possible.

For instance, instead of writing “Successfully launch and promote the social media sites,” you can replace it with “Gain 50.000 more followers on Facebook fan page, with reach raise from 50% to 85% per post.” 

Final Thoughts

Through this post, we have learned how to write a graduate cover letter. We hope that these tips are resourceful in your job application process. 

Try your best on writing the cover letter by using our tips, and good luck on your job-seeking journey!


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