About us

In 2003 MIT University conducted a survey about problems and concerns students have had. Besides the anxiety about financial problems, the worry of unemployment right after graduation, the survey showed an interesting result. That students, students feel extremely depressed with essay writing. They live in stress, anxiety, read pages of books, documents but the results are not as expected

Understanding these worries, Write My Essay for me was born to meet the needs of students who have difficulties in studying, especially in writing essays.

So, who are we? Why do you need us more than hundreds of other poor quality websites out there?

Posts with positive feedback

Nearly 100%. Since the day the website was founded, all essays have been handed to customers with almost absolute satisfaction. All customers expressed their gratitude, respect and promise to return. Only a few small cases want to add ideas, then very satisfied.

Our Writers

Before the website was founded, we had gathered a team of experts, leading essay writers across the country with the number up to nearly 1000 people. Experts are mostly multi-talented people who have not only mastered specific knowledge in their field but also got a good grasp of general social knowledge.

Currently, we are operating with more than 1500 experts in every aspect.

  • 226 in Economics
  • 109 in Finance and Accounting
  • 217 in Business
  • 129 in Politics
  • 293 in Literature
  • 193 in Natural Sciences
  • 171 in Philosophy and Psychology
  • 168 in Biology
  • 113 in other fields
Our Orders

We have a large quantity of daily order, which is increasing day by day at a rate of 5% per month. The average number of orders per day is 241, sometimes it could reach up to 511 on the peak days. The current statistics are still showing a good sign of significant increase.

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is always our ultimate concern, so we are always trying our best to provide our customers with good results. It is recorded that the signs for returning customers are kept at a high number and on a growing pace. 9 out of 10 customers will come back to use our service again. Statistics show that for every 10 old customers there are 9 customers who will reorder. This rate is an amazing number that ranges from 85 to 90%.