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Before the website was founded, we had gathered a team of experts, leading essay writers across the country with the number up to nearly 1000 people. Experts are mostly multi-talented people who have not only mastered specific knowledge in their field but also got a good grasp of general social knowledge.

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About us

In 2003 MIT University conducted a survey about problems and concerns students have had. Besides the anxiety about financial problems, the worry of unemployment right after graduation, the survey showed an interesting result. That students, students feel extremely depressed with essay writing. They live in stress, anxiety, read pages of books, documents but the results are not as expected

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When receiving the essay by the deadline, if customers feel that some places are still not satisfied as expected, they can request the web to fully revise and meet more than customers’ wishes.

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Customers are considered the owner of the essay, the web does not copy the content of the article to others or post on any media page. All success is owned by the customer, the web has no right to profit.

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Before ordering essay, there will be a limit given by the customer. During that time, if the web site submits to a delay, the customer can cancel and find other websites at a faster rate.

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I just ordered to write an essay on a science topic – the topic that is most annoying for me. However, the web has done a great job, exceeding all expectations. Web essay does include images, specific proofs, it seems that it takes me a year of research to write like that. Since knowing the web, essays are no longer a nightmare for me, I do not hesitate when the teacher issues, I confidently submit essay for lecturers. Thanks for the web for bring me the great confidence.

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