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During 12 years of operation, we’ve expanded essay writing services available to be able to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations. 

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Most Popular Essays We Have Completed

Discussion Post

Completed orders: 1,908,059

Case Study

Completed orders: 902,786

Research Paper

Completed orders: 768,949

Master’s Thesis

Completed orders: 595,980

Doctoral Dissertation

Completed orders: 171,750


Completed orders: 458,367

Best writers among the best

How do we recruit our solid team of writers? 

First: Analyzing candidates’ CVs

It should be expertise-focused. We encourage applicants to include their writing certificates or equivalent experience if any. Currently, job openings are valid for native English-speaking applicants only. 

Second: Screening Candidates

Under time pressure, each participant’s practical experience and abilities will be shown clearly through a 5-Essay Challenge. Of course, we are willing to pay applicants for this.

Third: Conducting Online or Offline Interviews

After passing the screening round, we will conduct an online or offline interview with the chosen applicants. To ensure their writing skills are qualified enough, we will give them questions concerning academic writing. 

Fourth: Attitude Assessment

We will assess applicants’ attitudes based on different criteria, including competence to meet deadlines and willingness to prioritize customer work. All assigned work will be supervised by our experienced writers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Payment

How can I pay to proceed with my order?

Please chat with our agents to get the payment link in a few seconds. Your order will be processed instantly.

How can I pay with my card?

You can pay using a credit/debit card. Your personal information will be kept 100% confidential by Stripe – one of the most secure payment methods.

What if I’m not satisfied with the completed essay?

If you’re not satisfied with the work, we will refund you 100% of the order. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority, plain and simple.

Our Customer Feedback

Customer feedback

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Any copying without our permission is strictly prohibited. To see more feedback, please VIEW MORE

Customer #156892
Type: Argumentative Essay

Level: High school

Location: US

I wish I had known you guys earlier. I couldn’t believe that your writer did my 400-word essay, which was due in 1 hour, in just 38 minutes. Honestly, I couldn’t expect more due to the urgent deadline, but you guys got me a grade of 93. Incredible! I will come back to you guys and introduce my friends to your services, for sure! 

Customer #392187
Type: Reflective Essay

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.1-2)

Location: Singapore

I had tried a lot of essay writing services out there. But they cost too much, and I can’t afford them. I was so depressed and anxious until I found this website. How can you guys write an essay for me for just $5.99? I am the one who believes “you get what you pay for.” The more I pay, the more I get. But this is not the case for you guys. I paid less and got more beyond my expectations. Thank you guys with all my heart! 

Customer #597262
Type: Research Paper

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.3-4)

Location: Canada

A few hours ago, the assignment was graded, and I just got 92%. That means I can’t get the overall grade of an A. To be honest, I’m a little bit sad, but that’s okay. If I had asked a writer for help sooner, I would have gotten a better score for the research paper. However, I appreciate your effort. A 10-page research paper was completed in just 1 day. I would say it’s a miracle for me. I wish I hadn’t forgotten the deadline and come to you guys at the last minute. Thank you very much!

Customer #723906
Type: Master’s Thesis

Level: Master

Location: UK

I had so many daily responsibilities to take, and I struggled to balance my work-study life. I didn’t want to spend too much money on my thesis. I just wanted someone to do my work, and I would proofread and edit it later. That’s why I could spend hours searching the Internet for the lowest-cost essay writing services. And I found your writers! Super low, I would say! They really did a fantastic job, and I didn’t have to edit anything. The thesis was well-structured, and all the information was cited correctly. I gave it to my professor and got many compliments from him. 

Customer #915776
Type: Literature Reviews

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.1-2)

Location: US

The writer is the best. One of the best things I love about your services is that you guys carefully ask me for relevant materials. Now, I can understand why you guys can get a high grade for me. I believe that you guys will be on top of the essay writing industry if you continue keeping up your fantastic work. One more thing, Mrs. Wilson helped me a lot with my literature review, and I want to introduce her to those who have trouble writing a literature review. She is the best! 

Customer #1002198
Type: Proofreading and Editing

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.3-4)

Location: Australia

Oh wow, you guys are really on another level! I had never thought that you guys could do it that good. I’ve just received some comments from the professor, “Well done! The paper is straight to the point. This is the best paper I’ve seen so far.” Although you guys did proofreading and editing only, your work was excellent. The writer added more information, restructured the paper, and edited all the citations in the Harvard format. Nothing can describe my feeling right now. All I want to say is thank you guys a lot. 

Customer #1158312
Type: Annotated Bibliography

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.1-2)

Location: Canada

I got scammed three times when asking for essay help. Honestly, I almost lost all confidence in assistance on the Internet. If it hadn’t been for the urgent deadline, I would’ve never thought of online essay help again and come to you guys. But you guys are fantastic! I finally found the best writing services I could rely on for the next academic years. How can you guys do good essays at such a low price? The writer truly deserves the tip. Although my tip is not much, I hope it can make the writer’s day. 

Customer #1158312
Type: PhD Dissertation

Level: Doctoral Research

Location: US

I’m wondering why you can write my dissertation for me that easily. To be honest, I didn’t have hopes for a high result from any online essay services. Not to mention, the price was too cheap. How could I expect more? What I genuinely expected was that someone would help me partly deal with researching stage, and then I would do the rest. But you guys are real lifesavers. Everything is done in detail, and no errors exist. What makes me surprised is how the writer extremely logically organized the idea. I think you guys should charge twice or three times the price. You guys deserve this.

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Write my essay for me

About us

In 2003 MIT University conducted a survey about problems and concerns students have had. Besides the anxiety about financial problems, the worry of unemployment right after graduation, the survey showed an interesting result. That students, students feel extremely depressed with essay writing. They live in stress, anxiety, read pages of books, documents but the results are not as expected

Understanding these worries, Write My Essay for me was born to meet the needs of students who have difficulties in studying, especially in writing essays.

So, who are we? Why do you need us more than hundreds of other poor quality websites out there?

What Sets Us Apart – Our Four No(s)

We consider plagiarism one of the unacceptable forms of misconduct. All our writers comply with academic integrity, ensuring that your essay will be plagiarism-free. We will attach a Turnitin Originality Report to the final work to enhance your experience and give you absolute peace of mind. Write My Essay For Me is the first essay writing provider to do this.

Even though your essay is well-constructed, grammar and punctuation mistakes may leave a lousy impression. Writing an essay without these mistakes show your respect for your professor and the efforts you make. Besides the manual approach, we also utilize reliable grammar checkers to minimize unexpected errors before delivering the final work.

An impressive essay is a work that meets given requirements and expectations. You won’t be able to get a high grade when going off the topic and miss the main point. Our experts can significantly draw your professor’s attention by creating a solid thesis statement from the first lines and logically organizing ideas, including topic sentences and supporting evidence.

One of our proudest points is that we never miss any essay deadlines. We will continuously  update the work progress to help you rest assured that your essay will get done on time. More importantly, we always send the completed work before the deadline, which allows you to have enough time to check and request any changes if needed. Of course, it’s all free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Write My Essay For Me Services

1. Do your writing experts pay attention to the essay requirements?

Honestly, there is the fact that you do not need to be a writing guru to get a high grade. You can receive the highest ratings as long as you focus your attention on every detail in the provided rubrics. Remember that your instructors will never assign you to write an essay beyond your abilities. We believe that you can do everything if you devote your time reading out all the lessons you’ve learned in class. Before working on any essay, our experts always carefully review the instructor’s requirements (included in the rubrics). Following this strategy, our highly qualified writers reach the most significant target – to meet your instructor’s expectations. That sounds easy, correct? Yes, that’s true! 

2. Can you write my essay for me even when it’s due in 1 hour?

We would say this depends on the requirements and complexity of each essay. The average completion time for an urgent essay is 1 hour and 31 minutes. It may take less time if the word count is under 300. The recorded shortest time to complete a 487-word discussion post is 59 minutes. Of course, it would be best not to leave your essay to the last minute: the more time, the more possibilities for a good grade. That’s because the pre-writing process requires much effort to review the materials and essay requirements before you start writing. Hence, we recommend that you share your essay details with our expert writers as soon as possible.  

3. Will your expert writers revise my essay if necessary?

First of all, we always put forth much effort to write an essay the best way. Of course, it’s not easy to avoid making mistakes, even when you are an experienced writer. We all are not perfect. Therefore, to minimize unexpected errors, we have built a solid team of proofreading & editing. More importantly, we will only send the final work to you when double-checking all the content. That’s why not many customers ask us for essay revisions. However, for some reason, if you want our expert writers to revise the work, that’s okay! You will receive unlimited revisions till you get 100% satisfied with no extra charge. Your satisfaction is our reward!

4. How can you write my essay for me without plagiarism?

To ensure an essay will be unique and original, we run it through Turnitin Plagiarism Checker. An originality report will be attached to the final work sent to you. Now, you can rest assured that your essay will be free of plagiarism. Once you trust our services, we want to give you absolute peace of mind. What if you pay someone to write an essay and still get anxious about things? It’s not good, correct? Of course, you will be like that if you find the wrong place to give your trust. Why don’t you send us your previous essay and ask us to provide you with a Turnitin report? Fortunately, it’s free! Yes, you got it! You’ve already found the right place!