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Havard university is one of the most prestigious schools in America, always ranking in the top best universities of all time in the world. 

Due to the great studying environment as well as modern facilities, Havard university is the dream of thousands of students. However, the school just accepts around 5% of applicants, which is a totally small percentage. 

Selective as Havard is, it explains why every part of your application form is super crucial, including the Havard supplement. A question may come to you: Write my essay for me, how? Don’t worry, just keep scrolling through our article to know the step-by-step instructions on how to write a Havard supplement essay for yourself, and you are good to go!

Harvard university

A Clear Overview Of Harvard Supplement

Write my essay for me? How?

Before jumping straight into writing an essay, you should have adequate knowledge of what you have to write. For instance, the form, the writing tonation, or some strictly required rules you must obey. Here is a short and clear overview of the Havard supplement essay you should go through beforehand.

About the structure of the Havard supplement, it contains two main parts: two compulsory questions and one plus optional essay ( you may not do the essay, but it is better if you include a well-prepared essay). Each question must be at least 150 words.

The essay is optional but do you need to write? 

Theoretically, the answer is no. However, here we greatly encourage you to write it by no means. An over-selective university like Havard is considerably hard to get into. Thus, you should take advantage of all chances to tell about yourself and to impress the admissions officers.

This essay has no word limit, but a 500-700 word essay is a perfect form you should follow.

Harvard Supplemental Essay Guidelines

Essay tips

When it comes to writing an essay, the first thing we would care about is its uniqueness because the main purpose of including this part is to evaluate more about applicants themselves. It has to be 100% authentic from you, written from you and your daily experiences. 

Of course, some factors in the essay could be not right as the writer doesn’t know about it, but it must be reasonable, not too fabricating. Besides, you could search on the Internet or read any books related to writing but always remember to keep your essay different from all others. 

After brainstorming about the writing style, there are six recommendations you need to note down right away.

  • Keeping the number of words in your essay from 500 to 700 words. Although there is no word limit mentioned in the required, it doesn’t mean that you could write a short paragraph with hardly any content or a long essay with five to six pages. The perfect size that all readers want for an application essay is around 500- 700 words.
  • Talking more about other things not available in your application. As mentioned above, you should show yourself to be different from others. This essay is the best place you could use to express everything about you, what sets you apart from others.
  • Telling is not enough; prove it. Provide vivid and specific examples to strengthen your points. The more persuasive it is, the better you can impress readers. However, the tonation should be elite and formal as much as possible.
  • Writing by your authentic tonation. Never let another write for you, no matter how good at writing they are. Lecturers want to assess you and your thinking, not others. Also, there is no best essay. It is the greatest one when you write by yourself, and you behave like you always do. Remember they choose good and suitable students, not just the good ones.
  • Making admissions officers know your contribution to the school. As we all know, to develop a school with a great culture like Havard, it is the hard effort of all great students studying there. Thus, they value a lot of students’ contributions. 
  • Editing your final essay as carefully as possible. Don’t just submit the essay right away; revise and let your peers read them. Other perspectives will improve your essay more than you think.

Popular Essay Topics You Should Know

Of course, there is quite a large diversity of questions related to “write an essay for me”. Still, you should have a brief look through these typical topics that appear a lot in each year of admission, plus some tips to write about them.

  • Extraordinary situations in your daily living

Tell them the rare things that not many people have experienced. No matter how you write, highlight and make these points clear: strength, optimism, and growing from adversity. 

  • Citizen-leader essay

Though big or small scale projects, be the leader of yourself. Keep talking in leadership style and be a good citizen as well. When showing about the leadership projects you have done, tell more precisely about your position and your skill.

Leadership certificate

  • Travel experiences in foreign countries

Most students may tend to tell a lot about the experiences they have gained. However, they miss one key thing, which is expressing themselves. Every essay is to tell about themselves, their life, their characteristics, and their way of thinking.

  • Intellectual experience essay

This seems to be an easy topic as it is quite broad. Anyway, this is hard to think about an outstanding idea. Don’t just focus on intellectual things; 60 to 70% of the content about that is enough. Instead, be out of your comfort zone, take a special story and describe how you have grown up from this.

  • “ Topic of your choice “ essay

This topic seems to be the most confusing one. You need to wisely choose the most suitable topic for you. Choose what can describe you most and show most about you. You could use the method of committing like: skip the topic reading books if you are not a book lover or something like that.


The Havard university supplemental essay is optional, but it is a great tool to increase your chance of getting into this amazing school. Now that you could have the proper answer for the requiry: Write my essay for me when applying for university. 

Show them everything special about yourself: personality, intellect, and your contribution to the campus. Show them you are the most suitable applicant is Havard university, and you can do it!


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