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In recent years, a large number of students have had many difficulties in balancing work and study. Having to study and work, in my opinion, is indeed never an easy thing for students, and I can identify with them about this problem. As a student, I also encounter countless impediments to maintaining the balance between work and study. There are also many times that I want to give up my part-time job to concentrate more on studying, but luckily, I have figured out some ways to deal with this problem, and I am so excited to share with you in this article. 


The influences of working while still studying

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The influences of working while still studying

Before diving deep into how to keep a balance between work and study, I will point out some common effects among students when they decide to work and study at the same time for you to consider: 

1. Academics

It is true that while studying will help students to earn extra money to cover their daily expenses and ease the financial burden on the shoulders of their parents. However, many of them cannot maintain their average grades in classes and consequently have to continue studying for an extended period. 

2. Relationships

In addition to pressure from scores from classes, students who work through university also feel it is tough to expand their social circle. It is almost impossible for them to participate in clubs or organizations because their time is very restricted. They do not even have enough time to establish groups in their classes. Therefore, in my opinion, they definitely will not have many friends like many other students who only concentrate on school and studying. 

3. Burnout

Apart from influences on academics and relationships, I also want to mention another severe effect that scores of students are encountering, which is burnout. Trying to keep up with their peers while also completing assigned tasks at work has exacerbated their physical health. In the long run, if they do not try to find a solution, they definitely will suffer from stress and even depression. 

Working through university appears to harm students, but I suppose that if each student manages to balance work and study, it will do more good than harm. Below are the four best ways to help you retain the balance between studying and working. I hope that these tips given below will bring many benefits for you in life. 

1. Creating a schedule and following it. 

Creating a schedule is always an effective method because it allows you to find your priorities more effortlessly and determine how much time you need to complete a task. The more specific your schedule is, the more likely you are to implement it. In addition, by doing this, you will also know precisely when you have free time to watch TV or do other entertainment activities. 

2. Learning the way to control your stress

In reality, there are many different ways for students to take control of their stress, and the most concerning problem here is how they can choose one suited best to them. Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are some of the most popular activities. Scientists have proven that all of these activities can significantly reduce stress levels, and you can completely implement them whenever possible. 

3. Focusing on the target and rewards

You should bear in mind the reasons you decide to work while still studying because by doing this, you obviously will have more motivation to continue doing. You can write those reasons down and let your close ones know so that they can remind you of them when necessary. 

4. Setting boundaries

If people ask you to do something unnecessary and can impede your ability to complete your duties, I recommend that you be prepared to refuse them. It is one of the most basic methods for balancing study and work. 

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What are the benefits that university students can 

       receive from working while studying?

First of all, students will earn another source of income when they do a part-time job. Having a little extra money not only eases the financial burden on their parents but also allows them to buy more learning materials or books for their studies. In addition, only when they go to work and integrate into this society do they obtain real-life experience. They will accumulate many more necessary social skills and be also more psychologically stable. 


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