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Possessing good mental health has always played a vital role in our life; it is a key leading to the success of each individual. However, most university students nowadays often do not pay much attention to this aspect, so they encounter countless difficulties during their learning process. As someone who struggled with psychological issues many times, I would like to share some advice that helped me significantly improve my mental health. If you are looking for ways to improve it, read this article.


Mental health definition

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Mental health definition

Mental health is a good state of mind that shows up in our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Like physical health, mental health also has two types: good mental health and poor mental health.

A person who has good mental health will always look on the bright side, and they can find solutions quickly when confronted with a problem. Meanwhile, those with poor mental health often suffer from stress due to pressure from the workplace and feel easily bored and angry. If they do not figure out the ways to escape an unstable mental health state soon, they are likely to be involved in other mental disorders.

Some reasons below will help you gain a deeper insight into the benefits brought about by a good mental spirit: 

1. Extending longevity and living happier

According to a study in a medical magazine in 2012, those who have mild psychological problems will have a short life span; meanwhile, the percentage of death among those who suffer from depression increases to 94%. Therefore, if you do not prioritize your mental health, in the long run, you cannot extend your longevity and live as happily as you expected. 

2. Enhancing physical health

Your body and your mind have a strong connection with each other. When psychological and physical problems emerge simultaneously, people tend to pay more attention to their physical problems. However, it is a common mistake. Only when you deal with psychological issues can your physical health improve significantly.

3. Affecting to working efficiency and financial stability

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, those suffering from psychological issues frequently request a leave of absence. As a result, they will not just encounter difficulties in finance, but they also cannot improve their working efficiency. 

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It is undeniable that mental health plays a vital role in student life. Without it, almost all students will find it tough to achieve high educational outcomes. Below are some methods that I have adopted throughout many past years. I hope that you will find them helpful: 

1. Sleeping well

For me, sleep is one of the most vital elements of both physical and mental health. Having enough sleep will help you not only to promote your concentration to work more efficiently but also to manage your emotions better. If you do not get enough sleep, you can start to feel depressed or anxious.  

2. Avoiding alcohol, smoking, and drugs

I have always limited my drinking and smoking because I am aware of the negative impacts on my mental health. When you have a few drinks, you will only feel a little anxious and find it difficult to concentrate the next day. But, drinking too much for a long time will leave you with a thiamine deficiency. Thiamine plays a vital role in our brain function, and its shortage can lead to severe problems related to our memory, motor and even our eyes. 

3. Doing exercise

In addition, to maintain mental health at university, you should also spend time doing exercises. Becoming more native will give you a sense of achievement and put you in a better mood. I believe that if you do exercises regularly, you will no longer feel tired or anxious. You do not need to run a marathon; only a short walk can do wonders for your mental health. 

4. Connecting with others 

Friends play an indispensable part in our life. They are the ones who support us not only in learning but also in improving mental health. Whenever you feel down, you are always assured to know that your friends will always be here and support you. Therefore, while learning at university, you should expand your social circle and find your closest friends. 

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       How can we have good mental health to overcome the Covid-10 pandemic? 

You can reduce the stress during this crisis in many different ways. First of all, you should not watch, read or listen to stories, news related to the pandemic on non-mainstream newspapers. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary worries. In addition, you should spend time relaxing, reading and listening to more positive things. Plus, if possible, you should connect and talk more with others, especially close people, through social media. 


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