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With the development of the economy nowadays, more and more parents encourage their children to study overseas because they believe that studying overseas will bring many benefits in the future. This opinion is reasonable, and I do not have any comments about it. However, choosing to study in another country will also make their children encounter numerous difficulties. One of the noticeable difficulties among overseas students nowadays is sickness. In this article, I will point out some tips that I used to adopt to overcome my homesickness while studying abroad, and I hope you will find these tips in this article helpful. 


The benefits of studying abroad

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The benefits of studying abroad

Before answering this question, I want to mention some benefits that students often receive while studying overseas:

1. Learning a new language

It can be undeniable that studying in a foreign country will be the best way for you to learn a new language because you will always be surrounded by that language and have a chance to converse directly with foreign people each day. As a result, your language skills definitely can improve significantly. 

2. Discovering culture

One of the advantages of studying overseas is that students can have a chance to integrate into a completely new environment. Thanks to that new environment, students can step out of their comfort zone to experience more exciting things and socialize with people from different cultures.

3. Increasing the possibility of looking for jobs. 

With globalization nowadays, most companies are making a great effort to invest in foreign markets. Therefore, it is no wonder that they tend to recruit overseas students because most overseas students, in their opinion, are independent and self-controlled individuals. Above all, they are the ones who are always willing to confront difficulties in life. 

Although studying overseas can bring many benefits for students, it is never at all an effortless route. Homesickness will affect not just their educational results but also their mental health. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, I will provide you with some tips to overcome this problem. I hope that you will find these tips helpful. 

 1. Contacting regularly with families and friends. 

No matter where you are, you should still spend a fixed amount of time in a day talking directly with your families or friends. Interaction with close people will help you relieve stress and become a huge motivator to take the next step. With the rapid advancement of social media nowadays, I believe connecting with parents or friends is no longer as difficult as it once was. 

2. Participating in extracurricular activities

Most schools nowadays in the world have created a lot of different clubs and organizations for their students. I advise you to choose from one to two clubs that you are interested in most and participate in them because they will be the place helping you not only to improve skills but also to increase your interaction with other members. The more interaction you have, the less struggling you are with homesickness. 

3. Writing blogs

When you live away from home, there will be times when you want to share something with someone but do not know whom to turn to.

If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend that you start writing blogs because it is a great way to communicate with yourself.

Whenever you are sad, you should write it down because I guarantee you will feel much better. 

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Do overseas students become more successful than 

students not choosing to study abroad?

In my opinion, this outlook seems no longer to be suitable at the current time because the cultural gaps have almost disappeared. Although many students do not choose to study overseas, governments still try to facilitate their learning. They still have a chance to improve themselves, participate in professional organizations, and gain access to the latest technology. To me, studying overseas is not a determining factor leading to one’s success, but their diligence and determination. 


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