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You may realize that your programs always set a purpose of increasing the learner’s independence. Most educators try to add this target because it affects their future careers. 

So, this article will bring you some tips to improve your independence in studying. It may help you increase learning efficiency in the long run. 


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What Is The Independence Of Character?


Being Independent

Independence is one of the characters that you have had since we were kids. For example, we always had an interest in discovering the world ourselves. Some people think it is a kind of curiosity, but they became independent from that moment. 

However, when you grow up, you may get affections in the world, keeping our fear. It makes us break the balance of independence and dependence. 

You can think about your independence symptoms to increase awareness about them; for example, I will not pay someone to do my homework because it makes me dependent. I will try to finish homework assignments myself; if I face a difficult question at the academic level, I will refer to other sources.

There are various ways to increase independence. They come from not only our daily activities but also our study. You will succeed if you can practice this character and apply it in many situations, like doing research papers.

Benefits of Being Independent

Independence brings many benefits to you, and the list below only mentions the primary one.

You do not need any support from others, meaning that you will not disturb their work. 

When you look at your past, you will realize there are many times you disturb your parents. For example, when you lose your toys, you cry for them; this action disturbs your parents and shows your dependence. Instead of doing that, if you do not cry, you are considered a good child with independence. 

You may know this character is essential to your future career. Most employers require this character for a great position. It is because the independent person knows how to solve the problem. They can do it alone, and it will not affect other compartments of work. 

So, the independent person often has higher productivity than the dependent ones. 

A person who has this character is often decisive. They know that if they lack decisive character, they cannot be independent. The thought of being relied on by someone always occurs in their mind. So, the independent person will think fast and decide without any hesitation. 

Most of the time, a leader has to self-work to cover many kinds of stuff that others cannot do, so if you can practice your independence, you find it easy to be a great leader. 

Tips To Develop Independence Character

Here are some tips to help you develop your character of independence. 

#1 Increase Your Awareness

Increase the awareness

You should try to stand in front of the mirror and commit to yourself to be independent. It is an effective way to increase this character, for when you stand on it, you know that you need it for your future. 

Moreover, you can remind yourself whenever you do something. It is advisable to consider your ability before asking others to help. Of course, you need to find all of the ways you can solve the problem. It will be dependent if you do not try your best.

#2 Find The Weakness

Finding your weakness and trying to remove it are the ways to increase independence. For example, I will pay someone to do my homework because I am afraid of doing a lab report wrong. So, if I can prevent the fear of doing the bad thing, I can write my assignment myself. 

The sample above shows that if you can overcome your weaknesses, you can be more independent in life. 

#3 Get A Friend Who Is Independence

I can learn this character from my friend; for example, when learning together, I will let John do my assignment for me. I know that if I learn with an academic writer like him, I will never get rid of my dependence. 

Then I asked my friend, Nicholas, to study with me because he has native English and is one of the professional writers in the support team. However,  he is independent, so I have to do it myself because he will not do English homework for me. 

#4 Practice From Small To Big Target

Do not set a hefty target the first time because you may not finish it. Let’s try the small things first; for example, you always ask your friend to give you the answer. It is because you fear doing exercise differently; you want to be the same with others. 

You can try not to ask her the final answer. Instead, you should discuss how you do the exercise and ask her opinion about it.

Find Someone To Help Me With My Homework

Most students find it difficult to be independent in doing homework, and so do I. That is why I would like to share my ways to overcome the homework but still keep this character in my actions. 


I will not pay someone to do my homework because it is a negative way. I have tried to contact my teacher and she gave me some free revisions with valuable information to do my academic writing. However, it is not entirely adequate because the teacher only shares some hints. Also, they are quite busy, so I can have support every time I contact them. 


As mentioned above, group learning with classmates is a good idea. They will not do my assignment for me if they are highly independent. However, it is pretty hard to match my schedule to each of my friends. 

Besides that, what I get is only the discussion, and it is hard to make sure the results are accurate or not. 

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Improve The Independence

Actively asking for support from homework service is also considered a kind of independent action. You know that you cannot complete ordered paper, so finding other supports is intelligent not to waste your time. 

However, when I use this service, I never ask them to do my assignment for me. It shows that I rely on it, so I asked the experts to figure out my gap and hint me to complete it. 


1.      Do Independence Characters Have Disadvantages? 

If your independence is too much, you may become an arrogant person. You will decry the support from others and be too confident to do the tasks yourself. 

It leads to many bad results, such as failing to do something or being hated by surrounding people. 

Thus, you should keep independence in a balanced state with other positive characteristics. 

2.                  Is Independence Character Important For Our Future Career?

As mentioned above, independence or self-work is vital for your future career. 

It provides you with many benefits that an employer will need from their staff. So, if you are preparing for your future, do not look over this character. 


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