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Vocabulary is one of the most vital elements that you need when writing an essay. Unfortunately, it is also among the writing problems students nowadays have. Having understood your concern, Write My Essay For Me is going to provide you with the best 5 tips to increase your vocabulary

Tips to increase vocabulary suggested by Write My Essay For Me

Let reading become your daily habit

The fact is that the more you read, the more you increase your vocabulary. Magazines, newspapers, novels, literary works, research papers, etc. are all reading sources where you can benefit from. Not many people recognize that learning new words from those writing forms is far more useful than seeing them appear on vocabulary lists. This is because when you are reading, for example a magazine or novel, you are doing it with a relaxing and comfortable mind. In contrast, whenever you see a list of new words, your mind tells you that you are about to have to learn. As a consequence, you start to feel exhausted with all these new vocabularies; and obviously, it is hard for your mind to remember them. Therefore, instead of learning in the traditional way, Write My Essay For Me suggests that you should increase your vocabulary by reading. 

Develop a reading habit

Additionally, reading can improve the way you use vocabulary in writing. The dictionary may only explain to you the meaning of a word, while a literary work can specifically show you how the word is used in a context. With the many advantages it brings you, why don’t you develop reading as your daily habit? 

“Make friends” with dictionary and thesaurus

Although reading novels or magazines seems more interesting, we cannot deny the helpfulness of dictionaries and thesauruses. As we are now living in the 4.0 industry, both dictionaries and thesauruses have many different versions such as print, software and online. You can choose whichever type as long as it is convenient for you and your daily use. 

Increase vocabulary with dictionaries and thesauruses

Write My Essay For Me advises you on using a dictionary to support your reading habit. Whenever you uncover a new word, try looking it up in the dictionary. This helps you get not only the meaning(s) but also the pronunciation right. Then, use a thesaurus to find the synonyms (similar words or phrases). By doing this, you will be able to increase your vocabulary by twice in writing. 

Spend time learning new words everyday

No matter what the subject is, learning does take time! It is a long-term process which requires you to invest an extremely large amount of time in. However, if you spend 24 hours today learning new words, then skip studying for the whole next week, it will not really be effective. Apart from gaining new vocabularies, you also need time to review the old ones. If not, you may forget all of them just a few weeks after. 

Learn at least one new word per day

Write My Essay For Me recommends you to study at least one new word per day. The most important thing you have to make sure is not to skip any learning day. Just simply consider this as one of your daily routines and we guarantee you will improve your vocabulary a lot. 

Take advantage of all the word games

If all the studying methods above seem to be boring, try relaxing yourself with some word games. Trust us, some classic games such as Scrabble or Boggle can be a fun way to increase your vocabulary. Alternatively, you can play those crossword puzzles. 

Play some word games

The challenges of the games will certainly boost your energy and keep you playing for a long period of time. As already stated in their names, these games relate rigidly with vocabularies; which is the reason why Write My Essay For Me suggests you to play them. If you really want to optimize the effect of these word games, try taking some little note while playing. After every round, you definitely have a list of many different words. Then, take advantage of all these lists and study them from time to time. This is a fun tool to help you improve your vocabulary, isn’t it? 

Try using just-learned vocabularies in conversations

If you only understand the meanings of some words without knowing how to use them, it is nearly impossible for you to amass a huge vocabulary. Have you ever recognized that talking with other people can actually help you discover new words? Yes, it is a true fact! 

Practice new vocabulary in daily conversations

While reading, you certainly come across many interesting new words. Instead of just simply trying to learn them all by heart, use them in your daily conversations. By experimenting in low-stakes situations, you not only can practice the art of word choice but also increase your vocabulary. Why so? This is because, perhaps, the ones who you are talking to know how to use these words properly. As a result, they may be another potential source for you to improve your vocabulary. Here is an expert tip from Write My Essay For Me to you: Practice, practice and practice! 

Still cannot increase any vocabulary? Write My Essay For Me is always here to support you with your writing

Now, you are holding the keys to a better vocabulary; or we can say, the keys to a more high-standard writing. In the process of studying, you need to be confident and dare to take risks. Try putting new words into every of your writing and speaking! One tip can be effective for a person but not for others; so do not worry if you tried to increase your vocabulary then failed. 

However, if your deadlines are coming up and you need to finish your writing as soon as possible, Write My Essay For Me is here for you! Having been working for [number] years in this writing service industry, we have the most experienced and professional writers. In case you are having problems with improving your vocabulary, let Write My Essay For Me support you! We guarantee to bring your essay writing to a high-standard level with a massive vocabulary. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us via the following links for further expert writing tips. 


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