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Let us introduce “summary” – a useful tool in writing if you ask, “What are the best ways to write my essay for me?”. Writing summaries means re-stating all the main points of your article without using further details like numbers, statistics, dates, and examples.  

A Good Summary

In any case, with only about 1/3 the length of the original text, a summary is a helpful and powerful tool. It will give the readers an objective and clear viewpoint of the initial material.

This post will guide you through each step to write high-quality summaries for your works.  It’s a good sign to properly understand and quickly summarize each paragraph with a sentence or two.

Know When You Need To Summarize

It is important to know when summarizing is appropriate. You should write if the summary is for your research or an overview of the sources you use before you critique or analyze it.

Here are some certain situations that you have to write a summary for an article or other sources:

  • Stand-alone assignments: This is when you need to increase your understanding or show your teachers that you completely understand the material.
  • Taking notes: To help you quickly remember everything you’ve read.
  • Research: Give an overview of researchers’ works; to show how the original ideas assist your arguments or to argue against them.

When writing summaries of articles, you may see information from academic material like a dissertation, research paper, or essay. It’s essential to flexibly engage with their work in different ways.

Sometimes, it would be clever if you supported your points with brief quotes. Yet, in some cases, you should paraphrase sentences and paragraphs to avoid copyright infringement.

The most important goal of summarizing is offering your readers a thorough understanding of the original text by condensing lots of information into a smaller space.  

Things You Should Know Before Writing A Summary

Careful preparation is a prerequisite to get the best result. Therefore, our series on “write an essay for me” will show you some tips before you start summarizing your work.

The first thing you should do is to read, mark, then annotate the initial text – by highlighting key points or keywords, the topic and conclusion sentence, and write down the main idea of each paragraph.

There are also special notes to take, including the source (URL, publication place and date, author’s name, publisher, etc.), original main ideas, major supporting points, and major supporting explanation.

A Brief Guidelines For Writing An Article Summary

Write An Essay For Me With A Summary

Write an essay for me with a summary. How? Let’s take a look at our brief guidelines:

  1. Stating the main ideas of your article.
  2. Writing down the most crucial details for supporting main ideas.
  3. Use your own words, and you can not copy any sentence or phrase from other articles. (but it is still suitable for direct quotations.)
  4. Showing the deeper meanings of your article, not only the superficial.
  5. The ideal length of your summary should be one-third of the complete article.

The Proper Structure Of A Good Summary

Help Me To Write an Essay For Me From Summarizing

A good summary is not only all about the word choices or your writing skill. Paying attention to the structure is also one of the most important factors to give readers a clear summary.

Here’s the complete form for your summary:


Start by putting the title and the author’s name in the overview of the article.

Finish by stating the main idea of your article through the thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Depending on your original article’s length, identify the number of your summary paragraphs. As we were saying, in terms of the length, it should be one-third the length of your article.

With one-paragraph summaries, write down one supporting point per sentence. Each point should come with one to two explanations.

With multi-paragraph summaries, each paragraph can contain one supporting point. One body paragraph will start with one topic sentence. Hence, you should focus on one main idea with its most important details in each paragraph.   

Besides, even in short summaries, transitional words and phrases are still the best tools to connect ideas for smoother and more logical flow, so use them carefully.

Concluding Paragraph

Recap the main idea of your article.

Detailed Steps for Writing A Good Summary

How To Summarize

Step 1: Read the entire content carefully

Make sure to read the article multiple times to thoroughly understand the meanings and to have better perspectives. According to many writers, there are three stages for an effective summarizing process:

  1. Scan the text for a sense of the main topic.
  2. Read the whole article carefully, simultaneously highlight crucial points and take brief notes.
  3. Skim again to make sure all the main points are clear to you; read specific passages again if they were too difficult and complicated to understand.

Fortunately, our “write my essay for me” series will offer you some simple tricks for quickly identifying the key points:

  • Please read the abstract at first, as it has the author’s summary. Thus, you will know what to expect.
  • Concentrate more on the headings and subheadings; then, you will get a better sense of each part’s content.
  • Compare the introduction and the conclusion to see the authors’ targets and outcomes.

Step 2: Divide The Text Into Separate Sections

In many cases, some paragraphs cover the same topics; you can group them into one section together.

On the other hand, you can see authors would already organize their work into different marked sections if they were scientific articles with a traditional empirical structure (introduction, method and results, discussion.)

In this step, write down a phrase or word in the margin beside paragraphs. These words will describe the contents of each section you read. As a result, even when you forget, you still can quickly get back on track at a glance.

Step 3: Finding The Key Points

When summarizing, the final goal is to bring out essential points. Thus, you’d better leave out all the supplementary detail or background information.

You might have to be more careful to find the most important points if the article has a different form (not scientific articles with clear separate sections) so that the readers will easily see the argument of the article.

In this case, particularly focus on the thesis statements, as the authors hope their readers accept these central claims. They often appear as the topic sentence of each paragraph (the main idea) or appear in the introduction section.

Step 4: Start Summarizing

With all the key points you found in the article, it’s time to write a summary – but in your words. This rule is very important to avoid plagiarism and to show readers your understanding of the article.

Remember, you can’t copy and paste any part, even one sentence. Hence, paraphrasing the author’s original ideas is a useful technique to consider. The best way to do this step is to write down all the key points in your own words without looking at the article.

When writing a summary from a larger text, you should cite its source. There are different citation styles, but normally the citation will stay in the text, and there is a complete reference at the end of your summary.

Step 5: Compare Your Summary With The Article

Finally, read the whole article one more time to guarantee these points:

  • Representing the author’s work accurately.
  • Including all the essential information.
  • No similar sentence with the original.

It would be helpful to use a plagiarism checker for double-checking to ensure you cited properly and your summary is completely original. There are many reliable and safe plagiarism checkers for you to choose from on the market, like Quetext, Grammarly, Scribbr, Ephorus, etc. Make sure to have at least one of these for better summaries.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our information and advice can save you more time finding the best way to summarize an article. Besides, with our extra tips to quickly get the main points, your summary will be clearer and easier for readers to understand. Therefore, you don’t have to ask yourself or anybody else tricky questions, like “how to summarize to write my essay for me?” anymore.

Good luck with all your unique and high-quality summaries!


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