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Tips to find credible sources for your writing

Having a reliable source is one of the indispensable parts leading to the success of any college or university paper. When it comes to writing a research paper, it is essential to use credible sources. This is to make sure that the information you are stating in your writing is true. Distinguishing between credible sources and incredible ones doesn’t come so easily due to the endless information flooding the internet. Write An Essay For Me is willing to share with you some tips on how to find a reliable source

Reliable vs Unreliable source – How to define these terms?

Reliable source

Write My Essay For Me suggests you should use some materials that have been published within the past 10 years. These are considered to be credible sources for research. In addition, the author of that piece of information is another important element to consider when evaluating a source. If the author is well-known and respected in his or her specific fields, it is generally a sign that the source is reliable

How to know if a source is reliable

Educational and government-run websites tend to also be a safe source to use. You can recognize these websites by their domain names that usually end in “.gov” or “.edu”. Moreover, try using Google Scholar – an amenities source in which you can find reliable information. 

Unreliable source

It is undeniable that there is still a lot of incredible information displayed on search engines’ categories of information. This is the reason why you should be extra careful when searching for online references. If a source is out of date, it is likely to have been published for more than 10 years already. These are exactly what you should avoid using as reference for your writing. 

Materials published on social media platforms such as Facebook or personal blogs are also among the non-credible sources. Social media is such an enormous society where anyone can express their thoughts and feelings. Obviously, not all of the users are experts or have professional knowledge related to a specific topic. Therefore, what they post on their accounts or blogs are not trustworthy and useful at all for your writing. 

Posts on social media are among the non-credible sources

Wrapping up, if you are looking for a reliable source for your essay, Write My Essay For Me advises that you should avoid using those out-dated information as well as those published on social media.

What are the types of credible source you can use for your research paper? 

Finding a credible source for your research paper is not an easy task! Don’t worry, Write My Essay For Me will accompany you to handle this problem. Let’s start with the most easily accessible one – website. Many few of you have heard and used Google Scholar; but surprise-surprise, there are so many similar useful services that can help you find credible books and articles! Together with Write My Essay For Me, check out a list of reliable useful online platforms for your writing. 

  • Google Scholar:  It is the most popular and easy-to-use search engine that can present scholar pieces of writing on any topic you request. Furthermore, Google Scholar is free to use, and you can choose to look for any type of publishing format. 
  • Microsoft Academic: You can use this web to search for reliable sources for free. Not only does it help you find the necessary literature, it also tracks the most recent academic publications and research in the field of interest. Moreover, it was relaunched in 2016, featuring a more user-friendly interface. 
  • ScienceDirect: ScienceDirect is one of the most massive databases of scientific and medical literature. All 18 millions pieces published there are known to be credible. Therefore, this tool can be more efficient and reliable for you to research. 
  • Academia:  This is an app that Write My Essay For Me wants to recommend to you, because it is a free credible source similar to Google Scholar. With Academia, you can even download any papers or documents you want. However, sometimes, the authors just only upload a part of their work; so you would need to contact them yourself if you are interested in it. 
  • JSTOR: JSTOR is an online library of all credible sources such as books, articles and journals. Although access is limited, it can be a great help to students. JSTOR is also the most reliable source, since every piece of information is selected very carefully before being placed there. 

Write My Essay For Me knows where to find credible sources 

Well, for the 4.0 industry, finding information is just like a piece of cake. In contrast, it is quite difficult for everyone, especially students who want to search for an accurate and credible source. 

Let Write My Essay For Me provide you with a well-researched essay writing

After reading the tips above, if you still have some concern about finding reliable sources, Write My Essay For Me is here for you! We are proud of having the ability to bring your research paper to the highest-end criterion. If you are searching for some expert’s help with your college or university essay, find us here! 


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