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“I’m having trouble with plagiarism, can you write my essay for me?” – is that what you’re struggling with? Don’t worry, Write My Essay For Me is here to help you out! Within today’s blog, we are going to provide you with an overview of plagiarism and some ultimate tips on how to avoid it. Let’s get started! 

Why do we need to stay away from plagiarism? 

Why do we need to avoid plagiarism? 

It is not a rare thing for students to run out of ideas when writing essays. To solve this problem, students need to search for other’s articles as inspiration; which usually results in plagiarism. Particularly in writing, plagiarism happens when you use someone else’s words without crediting the original author properly. The fact is that you certainly need to avoid it; since plagiarism can lead to some serious consequences. It relates to personal, professional, ethical or even worse – legal problems as follows. 

Destroying your reputation

As a student, if you are claimed to plagiarize, you can be suspended or expelled. Moreover, your academic record will likely reflect this ethics offense. Under this circumstance, entering college or university may become impossible for you; because educational departments take plagiarism seriously. 

Getting into trouble with legal issues

Not only can you be reprimanded by schools, colleges or universities, but you can even get into some serious troubles with the law. Without many of the students’ being aware of, copyright laws are absolute! Specifically, you cannot use others’ materials such as words or ideas in the absence of citations and references. If you happen to do so, the author has all rights to sue you as a plagiarist. 

When it comes to the law, plagiarism’s consequences can go beyond your imagination. It can be either legal repercussions or monetary repercussions depending on the severity. In fact, there have been cases that plagiarism is deemed a criminal offense and the plagiarist ends up with a prison sentence. 

These are among the reasons why many students are trying to find solutions for their essay; in specific – as we have already mentioned at the beginning: “Can you write my essay for me?”.

How can we avoid plagiarism? – Ultimate tips suggested by Write My Essay For Me

Now you know about some serious consequences of plagiarism, it’s time to learn how to stay away from it. When writing an academic paper – yes, you will need to refer from different sources for diverse information and evidence. In order to avoid plagiarism, you need to build your own essay by incorporating the references properly. 

How to avoid plagiarism when writing an essay?

Having been working in this academic writing industry since [year], Write My Essay For Me understands all of your concern. Therefore, we are going to give you a 4-step process which helps to ensure your paper is “plagiarism-free”.

Step 1: Carefully record every single source

One of the very first actions in the writing process is definitely researching information. During this period of time, you should make sure to keep track of every source. Most students forgot from which they had got an idea and presented it as theirs unintentionally. As a consequence, these students committed plagiarism; which is why we suggest you record every single reference you consult. Here are the sources that you need to keep track of: Books, journal articles, websites, videos and even magazine articles. By doing this, you can easily re-check on the words, facts or ideas that you want to use in your essay. 

Step 2: Quote or paraphrase pieces of information from the sources

Along with recording the sources, you must either quote or paraphrase the texts of the original authors. 

Quote and paraphrase all information taken from sources

Quoting means copying the exact piece of text from a reference. This copied text must be attributed to the original writer and enclosed in quotation marks. In addition, the introduction of it must be written in your own words. 

On the other hand, paraphrasing means expressing an idea from a source using your own words. This technique not only helps you avoid plagiarism when referring but also allows you to write in your own style. Obviously, the key to successful paraphrasing is to ensure that your text is not too similar to the original ones. 

Step 3: Include in-text or footnote citation in your essay 

Whether you choose to quote or paraphrase a text, don’t forget to cite the original source. The citation must include the identity of the original author, the year when the article was published and also the page number. 

Besides, the reference list or bibliography at the end of your essay is also what you cannot miss. You must list out all the references within the essay in detail, allowing your readers to find the source for themselves if needed.

When mentioning citations, there are many different styles for you to select; for example, APA, MLA and Chicago style. Each of the citation styles has its own rules; therefore, you should choose only one and apply it consistently throughout your essay. 

Step 4: Scan your essay with a plagiarism checker

Nowadays, most colleges and universities request their students to use plagiarism checkers before handing in the essays. This modern technology has the ability to scan your paper and compare it to a massive database of existing publications and websites. If the application detects any overly similarity in your text as in others’, it will highlight the exact plagiarized passages. In other words, these plagiarism checkers allow you to identify any parts where you may have forgotten to cite, quote or paraphrase. By this, the programs give you a second chance to bring your essay to perfection. 

Using plagiarism checkers

That is all the information related to plagiarism which we want to provide you with. We hope that it benefits you in getting the highest score for your work at school, college or university.

Write My Essay For Me is proud to be one of the top-notch solutions for students when searching for professional writing supporters. In case you need experts’ help in academic writing, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us here


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