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Sometimes you need to be able to write a paper or in a short period of time as you are doing exams and being limited to time, such as high school elevation exams. Or in other cases, when you fall in a difficult situation, you have to write a quick essay because you’ve delayed writing before or when time is writing. Although an essay written in the last minute will almost never be as good as a paper you spend more time on it, but writing a correct essay and is still viable. With a little plan and diligence, you can write a good paper that’s good enough in a short time.

1. Planning.

Even if I have a few hours to write my essay for me, spending amount of time in the beginning to make a quick plan is always helpful. Having a plan before writing my essay makes me get the best performance.

  • To make a good plan, the very first thing I do is to read the questions carefully. If the question requires to write about a thesis statement, I will only focus on it. For example, I will never give out a summary of Roman history when the events leading to Roman collapse is asked.
  • The next step I do to make a plan is to draw a mind map. I often don’t have much time to make an outline when I write my essay for me. But I can have a system of main ideas that I want to write and their link that make the layout. If there is nothing coming up to your mind, it means you need to consider the question more.
  • Find out my own thesis statement. Once I write down my theme, I will have a base to think about what I should write next to support the main theme. Even it is a time-limited essay, it still needs a united idea.


If I have to deal with several questions for my essay in a short time, I always make sure that there’s enough time to write down all answers. I also prioritize the most valuable questions to maximize the result. For example, I don’t want to put the same effort into whether an essay with 3 questions for 20% of total mark or a 2-page essay for 60%. Another smart way to write my essay for me is to deal with hard questions first. This will help me overcome tough ones when my mind is still clear.

3. Eliminate valueless sentences.

This is a common fault of students, they will only come up with the real ideas after writing down several meaninglessly generic sentences. I recognize that when I write my essay for me, writing down the random thoughts not only takes my time but it also makes me confused and not able to think clearly. Especially in a time-limited essay, I always try to directly investigate the main idea with supportive evidence. I know that spending too much time on the opening and other supportive idea can lead me to the lack of time for the important parts of the essay.

  • If you notice that the introduction of something is too broad or generic, such as “Throughout history, people have been fascinated by science”, cut it off immediately.
  • Don’t write anything without support for your view. If you’re talking about the importance of religious faith in modern society, don’t weaken the point by adding a reference to Hollywood or banana farms.

4. Explain the link between theme and evidence.

A common mistake  that I used to make when I write my essay for me is to give out the evidence without explanation its link to the given thesis statement. When I write my essay for me, I always try to apply the formula “C-E-E” (Claim – Evidence – Explanation) for each paragraph.

  • Claim: This is the main thesis of the paragraph. It may be in the subject of (topic sentence).
  • Evidence: This is the details that support the view.
  • Explain: It helps connect the evidence with your view and explain why the evidence supports what you think is right.
  • If there is any point in the text that is not suitable for one of these three elements, it is a sign that you don’t need that point in the text.

5. Spend time on Revisions.

Although there is a limit of time to write my essay for  me, I always try my best to have time on revisions. This means that I have to do more than just correcting the spelling and other small other mistakes. It is necessary to read the essay all over again after finishing. Below questions are what I use to make a clear mind for revisions and they also help me to save time to recognize any problem occurring.

  • Does the essay actually prove and support your main thesis? The idea doesn’ t appear when you write it as normal. If this happens, adjust the point to match.
  • Is there a coherent, seamless passage? The essay is limited in time without the same standard as regular essays, but readers can still understand your thesis in a reasonable sequence without feeling confused or confusing.
  • You have a summary of your thesis? Avoid the state of the essay in which the essay is omitted. Even if it’s very short, the conclusion will bring a complete sense of the essay.

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