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Sometimes, the ability to write a good essay in a short time is necessary. It may be for an exam or an assignment that I’m not aware of the deadline. Although this kind of essay can never be as good as the one I spend time and effort on, writing a standard essay in a short time is still possible. With a smart plan and a little effort, I can write my essay that is good enough in a short time.

1. Limit the period of time.

It is easier for me to write my essay when a fixed range of time is set. By this way, I can put myself under pressure so that I can concentrate. I also build a study environment that includes no distraction in the time I write my essay. The most important factor to write my essay is to keep myself feel comfortable and free.

  • If you go online or see cartoons for eight hours, you’ll be hard to complete the essay on time. Turn off TV, install phone in silence, facebook, and other social / chat networking sites.
  • Make sure you have all the documents near the start. Finding a book or a piece of paper or snacks will cost your precious time.

2. Make an impressive opening.

The mission of the opening is to explain to readers what I am going to talk about in my essay. As a result, the opening has to be impress readers to make them pay attention to the entire of my essay.

  • The most important part of the introduction is the statement of your thesis or stance. This allows readers to understand the main meaning that you express in your essay.
  • Write ” bait ” to attract readers’ attention when beginning, then introduce some arguments related to the topic. End by asserting how you’ve proven your point.
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to write after you’ve written the article since you know how to introduce the best topic and thesis.
  • A rule that needs to be mastered is not to write the dài of the essay. So for a five-page essay you shouldn’ t write longer than a paragraph.

3. Write the body.

When I write my essay, the body will include comments that support the thesis statement or the sentence in the opening.

  • Select 2 to 3 main points to indicate your point or stance. If the number of key points is less, the evidence will not be enough to support the argument, and the greater number of ideas can cause you not to implement completely and deeply.
  • Use evidence to support the main ideas. You’ll waste your precious time if you’ve raised too much unrelated evidence.
  • Support the main points with the evidence collected in the research process. Surely you will explain how to support your views.
  • If the article doesn’t have enough from the regulation, select a point, and carry out further research on it to expand.

4. Write my essay as clearly as possible.

If I need to write my essay fast, I will write simple sentences without a complicated grammar structure. This also reduces the ability to misuse complicated jargon.

Avoid rare and difficult words. Text includes long phrases, passive verbs, and paragraphs that don’t make your point of view only wasting time to read or edit a better essay.

5. Allow myself to “free writing” to use the most effective time.

Editing text and then editing will be easier for me than having nothing to write. I just write anything coming up to my mind, then I can rest assured that I’ll have a plate to edit. Freedom in writing can help me overcome many obstacles that many writers encounter when they do not know how to express something. If I’m confused of not knowing how to express an idea, I will write down everything I think about and then return to edit later. 


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