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Language barrier can be considered as one of the main issues that college/university students have to face. In fact, this problem causes a larger number of consequences than you may have ever thought. The language barrier not only makes it harder to communicate, but it can also lead to some more serious issues. For example, when you don’t understand what others say and vise versa, the conversation is likely to end up in an argument or even a fight. Having understood your concern regarding the language barrier, Write My Essay For Me is going to provide you with the 4 best tips to overcome this problem. 

Tips to overcome language barrier in college/university

Go easy on vocabulary 

When going to college/university, yes, you cannot always choose whom you want to study or work with. If you are lucky, you can pair with other students who can understand and speak your language fluently. Otherwise, you will probably have to experience a language barrier

Use simple words

In order to give others a chance to catch up with what you are saying, you should go easy on large and complicated words or sentences. Obviously, those can make you sound intelligent in a specific field, but they are not doing any good to your communication when it comes to language problems. Therefore, Write My Essay For Me suggests that you ought to use only plain and simple vocabulary when talking to non-native speakers. Moreover, avoid using words with complex structure. Instead, try using more common ones to deliver your message in much simpler terms. This is because words with more syllables make it tougher to listen to, contributing to misunderstanding and miscommunication. 

In general, simple and basic speaking is the number one key to overcome the language barrier

Build a habit of using dictionary and translation

Dictionary and translation are the two must-have elements when it comes to one’s process of improving languages. Let’s take Swiss students as an example! In Switzerland, the main languages that people speak are German, French, Italian and Romansh. As a matter of fact, not all students are fluent in communicating in English; leading to the consequence of miscommunication in English-spoken college/university. In addition, during classes or courses, it is nearly impossible to ask teachers and mates to explain to you every single new word. Now, have you realized how vital are the dictionary and translation? 

Overcome language barrier by “making friends” with dictionary and translation

If you want to overcome the language barrier fast and effectively, you should rely mainly on yourself first! Try to translate all relevant documents into the most primary vocabulary. This will help you understand the lessons more easily. However, in some specific cases, both dictionary and translation cannot give you the exact meaning as in the dialect. When this happens, you should go online and do some research about it on your own. Alternatively, find someone whom you feel comfortable talking to and ask him or her to help you with the language. 

Spend time learning language(s) daily

Once you have already understood the new words and expressions, don’t forget to revise them daily. As you may not know, your brain may delete the old knowledge which you don’t use frequently. In other words, if you don’t spend time learning and reviewing the previous lessons, you may forget them all in just a short time. 

Apart from revising old vocabulary, you should keep on studying new ones. For example, you can find and join in a language club right at your college/university (if have) or at a quality language school. One tip from Write My Essay For Me to you is that you need to remember to always start from the basics first!  

Spend time learning language

In case you don’t have enough time for any other classes or courses, try to learn the basics of your teachers and mates’ language. By doing this, you can not only improve your language but also are able to get closer to others; since using the same few words or phrases that they usually use can be a way to enhance your communication and relationship with them. Nothing is more valuable than your willingness to learn the diversity from others’ language, isn’t it? Try it and you will see how helpful it is to your language barrier problem. 

Optimize the effect of body language

Body language is a non-verbal way of communication which was invented as a solution for these kinds of language problems. Body language actually says more than your words without you being aware of. 

Language barrier certainly leads to the hardness in speaking and understanding between people, so why don’t you let your body talk for you? Every movement of your body can be used to animate your words and thoughts. For instance, you can either shake your head to say no or nod it to express that you agree with others. 

Express your thoughts with body language

However, Write My Essay For Me recommends that you should carefully learn about the culture of whom you are talking to before using body language with them; since the sign which is okay to use in your country may be an offence to others. Therefore, remember to be extra careful when delivering your messages with body language! 

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Language problems are the main obstacles preventing many college/university students from getting their task done. If you have tried so hard to overcome the language barrier using the 4 tips above but still cannot improve the situation, Write My Essay For Me is right here to help! 

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