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The importance of homework has become a controversial and endless debate for a long time, frequently with children and their parents on opposite sides. Each school has its own rules about how much time students should spend on homework each night, whether or not to grade it, and whether or not parents should be involved in assisting with it.

Why it is beneficial to have students do homework

As a way for students to review what they’ve learned in class, homework is crucial.” Mr. Smiths, the principal of a high school in Nashville, thinks that practice is the only way to get better. This lets teachers know that students need more assistance if they can’t do homework assignments.

CEO of an educational organization, Mr. Williams, thinks that effective teaching and learning allows students to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned both inside and outside of the classroom. “I don’t think it’s too much, and this is just a way for students to reinforce the knowledge during the day,” says he.

The 8th-grader Jason and the 5th-grader John, both of Mr. Williams’s sons, have had their share of homework struggles, but they’ve also had their share of “aha!” moments. “Homework might be difficult for students who are just learning to read,” Mr. Williams says. “It’s easier for kids to work independently after gaining confidence in their academic abilities.”

When homework has a negative impact on students

When it comes to homework assignments, Sophia McAtee, the author of Homework Myth, is an outspoken critic. “Homework is typically the source of frustration, tiredness, family problems, a lack of time for youngsters to pursue other hobbies, and, perhaps most ominously, decreased joy about learning,” she claims. “This may be the single greatest deterrent to children’s natural curiosity.”

According to Mrs. McAtee, there has never been any evidence to support the use of homework in school. He thinks it’s a waste of time because there’s no benefit to it. When asked whether homework helps students develop excellent work habits, she said it didn’t because there was no evidence to back that claim.

But this is not the case for Mr. Eilish, a public school district principal in New Jersey. According to him, there should be a progressive increase in homework from kindergarten through the tenth grade.

Relationship between parents and students’ homework

Take the following steps if your child’s homework load is becoming too much for them to handle.

Make sure you’re on the right side of the rules. Examine the amount of homework your child receives according to district standards and instructor expectations. Don’t be afraid to speak out if the deadline is missed or not met.

Don’t get caught up in the number; instead, concentrate on the quality. In addition to excessively long tasks, there may not be practical assignments in nature. A difficulty may exist if children are obliged to complete an activity that does not encourage them to think more deeply or inspire them to study.

Maintain a healthy perspective on your children’s homework assignments. Your child’s well-being is more important than whether or not a worksheet or a report gets completed. Instead of acting as the school’s enforcer, your role is to assist your child in their emotional and intellectual growth. If your child’s homework becomes too much for them on a stressful or hectic night, write a note to the instructor describing the circumstances.

Avoid doing your homework on a personal computer. Our experts feel that most children should complete their homework independently, while they acknowledge that some children will require parental assistance at times. However, not all parents can adequately assist their children in all subjects.

How to get homework help

As mentioned above, even when you’re parents, you may not do all homework for your children. What if both you and your children get stressed and overwhelmed by assigned tasks. Of course, you and your children can’t be good at every subject. Hence, asking for online help is a great idea. 

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