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If you’re currently a college student, you may wish that your essays and other assigned tasks were of the highest quality. With vast free resources, everything is getting easier and more accessible in the modern world. Developers have constantly built useful websites and tools which serve as helpful online assistants and help you improve essay writing skills. 

Essay writing has never been that easier. Have you ever thought, “I will get someone to write an essay for me” or “Who can do my work?” Fortunately, thanks to these internet resources, you can earn higher ratings from your instructors. Of course, there is nothing wrong with online assistance. Even your instructors may encourage you to use such tools to polish your writing. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective websites that every college student should be aware of to make essay writing a breeze.

Improve Essay Writing

1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a well-known online tool that comes in handy for college students. When you upload your completed essay into Grammarly, it will automatically help you check grammar and punctuation errors. More than that, it also suggests active and passive voice usage and clarity of the content contained within a document.

You can benefit from many essential features in the free version. However, the premium edition offers many additional features, such as plagiarism detection, writing style suggestions, vocabulary enhancement, sentence structure improvement, and other advanced suggestions.

A Chrome extension called Grammarly can show you the faults you’re making and suggest an alternate word or sentence or a correct phrase, as well as tell you to remove repetitive words and phrases from your sentences. More specially, it is compatible with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Since the free edition contains many useful functions at an affordable price, college students tend to like using this program to the fullest extent possible for their essay writing assignments and this will help you improve essay writing skills.

2. Hemingway Editor

Whether you’re an experienced author or a newbie, the Hemingway Editor can help you improve your writing. You can use this program to write explicit, concise, and robust essays for writers of all skill levels. 

Hemingway Editor can be used online or downloaded to a user’s computer. The software flags adverbs, passive voice, and other grammatical complexities, which help you improve your writing. You can quickly spot these faults thanks to a color-coding feature in the application that highlights them. Italic and bold font styles and headlines and bullets are now available in the most recent version of Hemingway Editor. It is also possible to use the application in conjunction with Medium and WordPress. 

All users can now utilize the Hemingway Editor app to upload their finished writing directly to any of these apps. Using other tools isn’t necessary because users can type their material directly into the app.


According to our experts, JSTOR is one of the enormous online libraries for college students to locate relevant information and other related materials for their essays.

Many primary sources are available in JSTOR, including online books and periodicals. Most of these resources have been peer-reviewed so that you may rely on them as solid foundations for your arguments and evidence.

Students must purchase most of the articles and publications available on JSTOR to utilize them in their essays.

If you’re a member of a paid organization, you’ll get free access to many of these materials.

4. Evernote

What if you want to keep track of all of your thoughts in one place? Evernote comes to the rescue once again!

Nowadays, most people use laptops, tablets, or cellphones to record their thoughts and ideas rather than pen and paper. It’s a well-known tool for taking notes and organizing your stuff. This is a must-have tool for college students’ academic documents like essays and research papers.

Evernote is a great place to jot down all of your thoughts so that you can quickly find the ones that pertain to your paper when the time comes. To further enhance your writing experience, you can also insert photographs, videos, and voice memos.

With Evernote, you may categorize different sorts of content, such as PDF documents and dialogue excerpts, and photographs of specific locations.

5. Google Docs

As a free online spreadsheet for writing material, Google Docs may be used to share your content with others and allow them to modify and comment at any time.

You don’t have to worry about constantly hitting the SAVE button in Google Docs. Working in real-time with other authors or on a group project is possible because of this program’s ability to facilitate team collaboration. Working on the same document simultaneously using different devices is possible.

Anyone with an active Google account can see Shared documents since this is a Google-hosted service. Among writers of all kinds, it is the most widely utilized tool for college students.

6. BibMe Citation

Suppose you want to avoid any accusations of plagiarism. In that case, it is a requirement at every college for students to include a complete bibliography at the end of all academic papers, essays, and projects. You can select APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard formatting style citations.

When it comes to essay writing, making a bibliography may be a hassle. It’s far simpler and less time-consuming to cite all of your sources with BibMe than it would have been without its assistance.

Using this tool, all you need to do is put your paper into the text field given, and it will begin checking for citations right away. Using this tool, you can generate a complete bibliography with proper references in the format requested by the professor.

7. Write My Essay For Me

We’ll start with our website, Write My Essay For Me, so you don’t have to guess.

When it comes to essay writing, Write My Essay For Me is here to help, whether you’re unsure of your abilities or simply overwhelmed by the task at hand.

You may rest assured that your essay will be plagiarism-free and of the highest quality, thanks to our solid team of expert writers. To ensure that you get the paper you require on time, you can outsource your essay writing demands to us.

In addition, we strive to make the entire process as easy as possible by providing round-the-clock client service.

8. Turnitin

Among the most effective tools for detecting plagiarism in all sorts of academic writing, Turnitin is one of the most popular.

Fortunately, although it’s not free, a pioneer company is willing to provide college students with Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Free (, which means that you will not be required to pay anything for simply subscribing to the service if you use it once or regularly. All you need to do is contact the customer support department, upload your file, and wait for the originality report. 

We hope that these websites will help you improve your academic writing. However, if you have a complex assignment, don’t forget to chat with us, “do my work,” or “write an essay for me.” We’re available 24/7 to help you!

All these tips can help you Improve Essay Writing skills.


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