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Students often want to play more than learn, so they feel uncomfortable when someone forces them to study. To prevent it, many educators find various ways to help students both learn and play.

In this article, we will share how I can learn through playing. By understanding it, you may know how to make yourself interested in learning by playing.


What Is Learning Through Playing?

Children learn through playing.

The Explanation

Learning through playing is a term people use in education to describe how children get knowledge through playing. It is a way to develop their skills, emotions, and self-confidence. 

Most people use this term for children at first education. But, it is still possible for the older to acquire knowledge. 

The fact that educators are trying to apply this term to make students interested in subjects. They know that students want to play more than study. If students can do that, they will have a never-ending motivation to learn. 

So, no matter how old you are, only finding a suitable method to learn can make you better. This method is appropriate these days because many things attract us to play. For example, you may find many teenagers like to play online games on mobile or PC. If you ask them about studying, they will reject you straightly. 

If we can take advantage of these factors, we can help students learn without forcing them, and they will feel like playing. 

Pros And Cons

If we can use this to increase students’ interest in learning, we can help them improve their learning efficiency. However, there are also weaknesses when students do that way. Below is the list of some pros and cons that you may be concerned about. 


As mentioned above, students have more interest in playing than learning. If they can do that, the teacher can maintain their interest for better learning efficiency. 

Learning while playing provides no stress. Students feel free to do that without being forced, even in doing homework assignments.

When they know their study is only to play, they can have internal motivation. It pushes students to learn all day without being exhausted. 

Through play, students can learn, so it shapes their perspective based on the education targets. 


The playing distracts students from focusing on knowledge. It may make it hard to pay attention to what they are learning. 

This learning method primarily affects the experience. When the knowledge repeats, the students may remember it better. But they are not active in acquiring it so that they can use it actively. Only when a hint appears can the student use it.

Educators find it quite hard to combine both playing and learning actions together. They always try to keep the balance, not to let one overwhelm the other. So, you may see that in every class, there is always a period to play games. It helps students put the knowledge into practice without realizing they are learning it. 

The attitudes when students play are as different as when they learn. That is why educators face challenges in controlling learner attitudes. Playing always makes them comfortable but decreases the seriousness and adverse effects. 

How Can I Learn Through Playing? 

Learn through playing

We will not talk about the first education because this target has programs to play and learn simultaneously. It is better to share how to learn through playing with secondary education or higher.

As I was a secondary education student, I often used the tips below to learn through playing. 


When I know the benefits of learning through playing, I try to convince myself about my study. For example, I stand in the mirror and remind myself that doing research papers is as simple as playing. I will think about my achievements in some games to challenge myself in studying. 

The fact is that academic paper is the same as playing games in the challenges. People prefer games more than essay writing because it is more attractive. So, by convincing yourself that learning is only game-playing, you can conquer it faster. 

Figure Out Creative Way

In the period of self-study, if I can find a more suitable method for my learning. For example, I have learned my English by playing an English game. When I struggle with reading, I can search for information about it, even at the academic level. It is also one of the effective ways to improve your vocabulary. 

Thus, if you feel discouraged by studying in the typical ways, you can invent yours, increasing your interest in learning. 

Put Knowledge Into Practice

This way is how children learn so that you can do it too. For example, children can observe the world through clay shaping. If you are learning architecture, you can also do it. Try to shape the clay in various forms and craft them to make your building. You will find a never-ending motivation to learn this way. 

Find Someone To Help Me With My Online Learning

People are trying to develop online classes and apply them in real situations. So, it is possible to learn through playing. 

However, not many people can do it with high quality. I found that when I have struggled in creating a suitable combination for myself.

I know I can pay someone to take my online class, but I want to turn my learning into playing. That is why the list below shares the support I have found to do that. 


A teacher can change the programs to increase my interest in learning. Yet, the possibility is not high because the school fixes all learning programs. That is why I feel bored and try to pay someone to take my online class and do my assignment for me

Private Tutors

I can pay someone to take my online class, even a private tutor. It is not an effective way, and the price is relatively high. I tried to request private tutors to help me learn through playing, but it was pretty hard for them. Their tasks are only to push me to learn or try to do my assignment for me

Write My Essay For Me

Once I used this service, I realized that it had a counseling service to help me learn through playing. A team of experts with many professional writers has many ways to give me an efficient learning process.

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Cheap Prices

I will not pay someone to take my online class because it is expensive. Instead of doing that, I use this assignment writing service for cheap prices and greater efficiency. 

Outstanding learning methods

This customer support service can help me figure out the best learning method. It is better than letting them do my assignment for me. It is dependent on my characteristics, surrounding situations, and learning process to find the most suitable one. 


The experience is valuable; if I let someone do my assignment for me, I cannot get it. I chose this service because the support team can help me write my assignment and free revisions to improve learning efficiency. 


Online games easily attract children.

1.      Why Do People Think Game-playing Negatively Affect Student Learning?

People have terrible feelings about playing games because the students are easily attracted to them. They may forget everything around them to focus on playing games all day. That is why parents always prevent their children from playing online games. 

Moreover, scientists advise us only to play games for a maximum of three hours per day. This limitation allows students to join other activities but satisfies their wish of playing games. 

2.                  Could Playing Replace The Learning Activities? 

Learning through playing is only one of the methods, and it is not suitable for everyone. It cannot replace the learning activities because of many reasons. 

The educators have not developed the programs to balance both playing and learning or overwhelm playing. As a result, learning is still more critical, so playing is only the support for this process. 


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