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Instead of having traditional classes, you have two choices for learning: online classes and self-study. Based on your characters, you should choose a suitable format for maximizing the efficiency of the learning process. 

So, this article will provide you with an explanation of each kind and the advice to choose. 


Explanation Of Online Classes And Self-study

Online Classes And Self-study, Which Is Better?

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Explanation Of Online Classes And Self-study

Online Class

An online class is a format that you can choose to learn instead of a traditional one. It is unnecessary to go to school to attend online classes because you can do it anywhere you want. 

For example, I choose the Library to do my Math homework; then, I will join a Math online class for convenience. 

Online classes only require an intelligent device, a quiet place, and a stable Internet connection, the essential facilities for learning. You can still interact with the teacher in online classes, for it is a kind of online meeting. The big difference is that the teacher will manage the class through a laptop instead of standing in a classroom. 

The amount of knowledge that you need to acquire is the same as in the traditional class. So, only the method of teaching and learning is changed; other things remain as students can get used to it quickly.



You can ask a teacher to help you with any knowledge in the class, but you impossibly do that as self-studying. It means self-study is a format where you learn everything alone. 

For example, if I self-study my Math, I have to research it and learn basic knowledge. Also, I need to find out my homework to do because no one assigns it to me. I will do all the studying alone.

Self-study has more challenges than expected because you are a new one and easy to get the wrong way. If it happens, you still feel discouraged and want to give up. 

However, it does not mean self-study is terrible. This format brings many benefits for students, so the educators always recommend it in the learning programs. 

Compared with joining an online class, self-study requires the best minimum of facilities. Typically, you only need a book and writing paper to note. Yet, it is always better to have smart devices with an Internet connection to search for helpful information. 

Online Classes And Self-study, Which Is Better?

Most students are confused between participating in online classes or self-studying because the two formats have some similarities. As you find out each format’s benefits, you can choose a suitable one for your learning. Check these analyses below to get helpful information about the two forms.

Why Choose Online Classes?


You will prefer online classes if you are looking for the benefits below.

  • Compared with traditional classes, the online format saves a lot. You do not need to be at school for learning, so it saves time for movement. 
  • Reducing the facilities means you can have lower tuition; it saves your money and is easier to effort.
  • Learning online requires you to be familiar with the technology to prepare well for online working in the future. 
  • If you come to higher education, you have to pay any charges to study. That is why many people choose to learn online to decrease costs such as apartments, fuels, clothes, etc. 


  • The classroom helps you be a quiet place, but you hardly find a quiet place for learning online. Typically, students use their room to learn online; sometimes, external things interrupt their process. For example, my mom doesn’t know I am studying online and having online math homework, so she calls me for doing household chores. 
  • People feel bored when they join online classes because the interaction is unreal. It is also an issue that most teachers try to solve to increase the excitement of students.
  • If you are a lazy person, do not try to get an online class. You will need to overcome yourself to learn online. For example, when starting class, I always ask myself whether I should learn or sleep. And always, the result is that I sleep while a teacher is teaching. 

Why Choose Self-study?


You will like to self-study if you are looking for these benefits below.

  • By learning alone, students who self-study constantly practice their independent characteristics. They need to find a solution for every puzzle they have by themself. 
  • Self-study increases your confidence when you have a better result. For example, when I get an A score from self-study, I always feel confident and proud of my effort. 
  • You have no pressure when self-studying because you only commit to yourself about the result. No one forces you to do self-study, but you want it. 
  • Typically, self-study students often come up with a big idea. 


  • You have many distractions surrounding you, so it is difficult to focus on learning when self-studying. For example, I always commit myself to learn strictly, but later, I relax all the study time. The cause is that people often find it hard to commit by themself; some significant impacts can motivate people to be successful. 
  • If there is no one to guide you, you risk getting the wrong way. For example, when I do my Math homework alone and misunderstand a formula, I do the exercise incorrectly. 

Find Someone To Help Me With My Study

Study with classmate

Now, you know that you prefer the format between online classes and self-study. Whatever form you choose, you should need someone beside you to support you. 

I always struggle with college homework, so I will need somebody to help me do my homework. So, check these suggestions below, for they may help you solve your problem in online classes or self-study. 

  • I can find a private tutor to help me with my homework. Even with self-study or online classes, the homework always makes me tired, so this suggestion is ideal to choose. However, you should prepare for good finance because it is pretty expensive. The time to ask a private tutor is also limited, so you should take advantage of it. 
  • I can ask classmates to help me do my homework, but it is ineffective. They have the same level as mine; it is hard for them to explain the details. 
  • Teachers assign me homework, and someone calls it “self-studying time at home.” Thus, they only gave me some hints to complete it and correct them in the next lesson. 
  • This homework service is outstanding, for they have experts to help me do my homework. When I have to do my Math homework, I often contact them to solve the most difficult exercises. As a result, I can conquer it myself with the best guide from Math experts. 

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Support for every time I need is better. I often have to date with private tutors, teachers, or classmates to help me do my Math homework. The date is dependent on many factors, so I cannot control my schedule.

By using this service, I can contact the support team anytime, making me active in studying. 

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1.     How To Self-Study With High Efficiency?

You should use some advice below to increase the efficiency of self-studying. 

2.                 Could I Combine Online Class And Self-Study? 

You should combine online classes and self-study to maximize learning efficiency. Online classes can help you solve the problem during self-studying, and adversely, self-study raises your confidence and independence, which are helpful in online classes.


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