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Note-taking in class can help you solve many problems when you study. People always use it as a learning technique that improves learning efficiency. 

So, if you want to know how to take notes effectively and their essential role in class, check out this article. 


What Is Note-taking In Class?

How To Take Notes And Utilize Your Time

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What Is Note-Taking In Class?

Take notes in class


Notes-taking is a classic technique to improve your learning efficiency in class. It is more popular with students these days because the teachers always require students to do that. 

For example, when I studied Literature at high school, my teacher always reminded students to take notes for her short lectures. If the teacher has an excitement about teaching, they often explain more than what they need to do in the lesson plan. So, the classes go fast, and students can find it challenging to remember a massive amount of knowledge at once. 

That is why the teacher recommends students practice taking notes as soon as possible. They can review the notes after finishing the lectures for sure about what they listen to. 

Necessarily, coming to higher education will require note-taking as an essential technique. If the students cannot use it, they fail to acquire the knowledge. 

Benefits Of Note-taking

Note-taking brings many benefits for the learners in class. Here are some of the most important benefits that you can have. 

When the lecture goes fast, you cannot remember all the information the teacher provides. Taking notes will help you do that easily; it can save all the valuable knowledge which you may need in the future. 

For example, when explaining the characters in Don Quijote, a novel by Miguel de Cervantes, every teacher tries to describe the characters’ actions. He describes his eyes, hair, and other factors combined to make a unique character’s psychology and behaviors. 

You do not note what he teaches and forget everything after the lecture; you find making a profound analytical essay about these characters challenging.

It isn’t easy to write all the information the teacher provides. If doing that, your writing may be longer than a notebook; you cannot focus on what the teacher says as you only try to write all of them. That is why you should take note to concentrate on the lecture for various exciting motivating learning. 

The first thing you need to acquire is the lesson’s key points, and then you can widen your knowledge with side information. If you do not note the key points, you lose the primary purpose, and you may not understand what the lessons convey and get the wrong orientations. 

Once you take notes, you learn it one more time. People suppose that if you listen and take notes, you learn twice in a row. It can increase the efficiency of learning and remember the knowledge longer. 

Tips To Take Notes And Utilize Your Time

Here are some tips you can apply to take notes effectively and utilize your time better. 

Figure out the lecture structure

Sample of structure introduction before going deeply

Before taking note, you should understand the lecture structure. The reason is that it helps you be clear about what you will take note of. For example, today’s lesson is about the history of W. Shakespeare, so the teacher introduces the structure, including the biography, his life events, the achievements, etc. 

You should take notes to have a clear outline of what you will learn. Then, you can quickly figure out which key points the teacher explains in each section. 

Selection Of The Key Points And Valuable Evidence

You cannot write down all that the teacher explains. You have to select the key points and valuable evidence to take notes of; it is better to reduce the memory overload of knowledge. 

When you select the right key points, you can easily understand the lesson. Also, it helps you decrease misunderstanding and going in the wrong orientation. 

Try To Use Symbol Or Keyword

If a key point is a long sentence, you may find it impossible to take notes without missing something from the teacher. Thus, it is advisable to use symbols to simplify the knowledge; you can use keywords to shorten the long key points.

For example, when learning Geography, you can draw a house for indicating the building or use a specific name like US, UK, etc., for a faster process. 

Use A Small Paper For Taking Note

You should use a small piece of paper to take notes. It can push you to take notes most quickly and effectively because you can write a long sentence on it.

Stick The Take Note In The Right Book Page

Do not forget to stick the note on the right book page for increased learning efficiency. Adversely, as you put it on the wrong page, you will be confused about finding the proper knowledge for the note. 

All the tips above help you take notes faster and utilize your time in class. You not only focus on listening to the lectures but also keep the key points for revision. 

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Ugly Note

1.     Is It Bad If I Take Notes With The Ugly Writing? 

It is not too bad if you take notes with ugly writing, but you will face a struggle in determining its meaning. Frequently, when taking notes, people want it fast and make it quite careless. Some words are written as familiar as others, making you misunderstand the true meaning. 

It is pretty dangerous because the misunderstanding affects you and directly impacts your final exam for a long time. 

2.                 How To Take Notes Faster In Class

To take notes faster, you should prepare a comfortable pen and create a fluent feeling in your hand. Then, you should use the recommended tips above to improve the speed. 

Finally, you should focus on the lectures to get the idea the teacher wants to convey. It is the best way to help you take notes faster and improve your learning efficiency. 



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