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Math examinations, sports, and new social settings are all on high schoolers’ minds, not to mention the significant issue of “Where will I go to college?”. When polling recent college graduates, the Write My Essay For Me team asked them to give their viewpoint on the following question: What would they change if they could go back in time?

Based on polled high school graduates’ responses, Write My Essay For Me experts offered some helpful advice to give current high schoolers a bigger picture. 

10 Pieces Of Advice All High School Students Need To Hear - E2 Talk

Pursue activities that you like.

“I regret that I didn’t try to do more during my spare time,” says Christopher Long, a Miami State High School graduate. “I was interested in joining Mathletes, but I ignored it due to some negative thoughts from my friends, even myself. Later on, I understood that it would have been a fantastic experience if I had gone.”

Don’t let other people influence your decisions regarding what activities to get involved in outside of class, and don’t do it for appearance’s sake, either. Choose anything that grabs your attention and join in. It will be easier to find a club, arts group, or sports team to join if you’ve had some previous involvement when you come to college. According to Write My Essay For Me experts, a passionate, dedicated attitude is one of the essential traits of a college application. You will be able to join a club or public group more quickly. That’s an excellent opportunity for you to form some of your closest relationships and memorable experiences through student groups on campus, ideal for finding your particular interests early in your college life.

Make the most of your high school academic opportunities.

Utilize the chance to develop close relationships with your instructors. Even with massive courses, a little more effort makes a significant difference. “Be acquainted with your teachers. Speak with them after school or during lunch. They can give you pieces of advice on navigating your high school years and managing the college application process,” Sebastian Korda, a Carnegie Vanguard High School graduate, recommends.

Sebastian also suggests keeping a handful of your most excellent essays and projects for application purposes. “Keep track of any homework assignment that you are particularly proud of as you may need a writing sample or essay topic at some time.” Finally, try to avoid competitive situations with others. Rather than that, concentrate on producing your finest work. “Do not compare your academic success to that of your friends and classmates,” Sebastian advises. “Put yourself to the test and immerse yourself in topics you find interesting!”

Put forth your best effort in language class.

In many cases, college programs can provide financial assistance to students who wish to study abroad. Additionally, being fluent in a foreign language might improve your prospects to travel and experience diverse cultures around the world. According to Write My Essay For Me experts, even though language studies may appear abstract or monotonous, the effort put in during high school will pay off later.

Coco Gauff, a Stanton College Preparatory School alumna, learned the hard way, “I ignored my French lessons throughout high school years, and I couldn’t study abroad since I couldn’t pass the French test. If I had taken French class more seriously, I might already have been fluent in the language.”

Be true to yourself (seriously)

The fact that you hear something over and over again may seem cliché, but there is a reason for this – it is vital! Your high school experience will be more fulfilling if you concentrate on the people and activities that bring you the greatest joy, regardless of whether they are considered cool or acceptable at the time. “Anyone can achieve anything with their lives,” says Tommy Paul, a Gilbert Classical Academy alumnus, “and learners should not define themselves by where they are in high school.”

High school social contacts can be particularly daunting. Still, Robert Abdesselam, a recent graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, encourages students to accept and cherish those encounters. “Your adolescent years are extremely emotionally packed. It could have been nice if someone had told me to be as present as possible in those moments instead of spending the whole time stressing out.

Think about college earlier.

Thinking about which college to attend doesn’t have to be torturous if you start deciding while you’re still in high school. Still, you should at least take your time making a sound choice. Even if you want to specialize in one major or another, you can find an excellent education by narrowing down your options. Instead of thinking about every tiny detail of each school, focus on the big picture. “Look at schools with a mix of things you like, and you’ll feel comfortable once you attend,” says Tommy.

You will want to carefully consider elements, including size, location, and financial aid opportunities. Taylor Fritz, an International Academy alumnus, says that he is sorry for not giving more thought to the college he wanted to attend. It is far simpler to spend three years getting to know what you want instead of rushing to decide your plans in one semester. 


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