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Even with a variety of study-aid apps, a student’s life never appears to be easy. Effective study habits are critical regardless of whether you are enrolled in a brick-and-mortar institution or taking an online course. This used to entail poring over dusty old volumes in the college library, dozing off on your arm, and waking with flashcards glued to your face. It was not an appropriate system that emphasized the need for proper study habits.

Students in the twenty-first century are fortunate since there have been numerous apps available to assist them in studying more successfully. The question then arises, which ones are the most effective? In this article, the Write My Essay For Me team will introduce you to a selection of the best applications that may help you learn more efficiently.

iStudiez Pro Legend

Let’s begin with an item that every student requires: a planner for your schedule. According to research by Write My Essay For Me experts, iStudiez is one of the most fantastic scheduling tools available for improving your study efficiency. The application, which is compatible with most mobile devices and Mac and Windows computers, enables you to keep track of your daily study schedule, tests, homework assignments, and even your grades. As long as you don’t forget to keep it up to date with your newest assignment deadlines and other necessary information, you will never again skip a critical class or be late turning in an important assignment. The application will notify you in advance of each item and be synced with third-party calendars such as Google Calendar.

iStudiez Pro for Android – Best App for Students


What will you do if you finish establishing your schedule? Yes, take notes! Notes are a crucial aspect of any exam preparation strategy since they serve as the foundation for future revision. When it comes to learning apps, Evernote is one of the best. It allows you to keep all of your notes organized and streamlined in one convenient area. It’s not just a matter of text-heavy walls, either. If you want to make your notes more interesting, you may add audio recordings, hyperlinks, checklists, and files, among other things. Your study will no longer be tedious.

Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote


Even though it is now only available for iOS users, XMind is a unique tool for those who can get  access to it. “XMind is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling pieces of brainstorming and mind-mapping software available on the market,” says Dr. Raquez, a BA expert from Write My Essay For Me. Using it, you may create various organizational charts and different visual aids to assist you in managing complex information, clarifying your cognitive process, and successfully capturing ideas and thoughts. It is considered especially beneficial for students who are learning a new topic and whose approach to problem-solving is more fluid. XMind maps may be transferred directly to the Evernote app, which was previously mentioned.

XMind - Mind Mapping Software

Dragon Anywhere

Type with your voice with Dragon Anywhere – a convenient dictation app. Whether you’re taking notes or laying it down to record a lecture, Dragon Anywhere records the material as both an audio file and a text document that you can edit using different voice commands. In addition, you can export these dictated notes to applications like Evernote. It is super useful, isn’t it?

Nuance Online-Shop - Dragon Anywhere

Exam Countdown Lite

This application is ideal for any student preparing for test season and the hectic schedule that accompanies it. Its straightforward layout makes it simple to keep track of all of your upcoming exam dates and timings, and the app will slowly clock down the months, weeks, days, or minutes until the big moment. While this may spark a panic attack in some students, knowing how much time you have to study can be a significant advantage if you’d rather face the future comprehensively.

Exam Countdown Lite – Apps bei Google Play

Alpha Wolfram

Wolfram Alpha is a robust calculating software ideal for anyone whose course requires a significant amount of formulae and computation. Enter a math problem, a question, or a formula, and the program will provide you with the solution. Even better, Wolfram Alpha will detail step-by-step instructions; as a result, allowing you to maximize your learning potential as you revisit the problem.

Wolfram|Alpha Pro


When we talked about reading old books in the college library and taking notes in longhand, you might recall that we were talking about this. However, despite the digital revolution, some texts have not yet been transformed to an online version, and you will need to extract information from these texts as well. It couldn’t be much simpler to accomplish this with the Scanmarker OCR Reader, which Write My Essay For Me experts highly recommend. This hand-held device has one of the most effective study aids available. A small optical scanner is built into the point, which you can use to scan a line of printed text in any book, and it will convert it to digital text. It is compact and lightweight. Afterwards, you can alter the text in many ways, including copying and pasting it into a word processor document, listening to it as an audio file to study while on the go, and even translating it into another language. It’s so much easier than writing all of your notes in longhand, and you’ll have the extra benefit of avoiding getting hand cramps from all of that writing!

Scanmarker Air: This Highlighter Transfers Text to Your Computer -  Sefsed.com

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