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Thanks to many scholarship programs, more and more talented people have opportunities to pursue their dreams without any concern about tuition fees.

An essay is the door to your promising future, and the readers will have a sense of you from different perspectives.

To help you in this journey, here are our ultimate tips for you, with a bonus of things to avoid in the essay.

High-quality Scholarship Essay

Thorough Preparation

Learn The Basics Of Writing Excellent Essays

A stable structure in your essay will help you effectively guide the readers to your content and opinions. In other words, you need to create a good “flow” in your work.

Here are some essential rules to answer the question “How to write my essay for essay of scholarships?”:

  • Impressive and powerful opening.
  • Write your essay full of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • One idea for each paragraph.
  • Elegantly wrap up the essay, but do not use only one short sentence.

True Form Of An Essay

Completely Understand The Prompt And Carefully Follow It!

You should keep reading the prompt until you deeply understand its content. Readers evaluate you through the way you address their topic. Therefore, make sure you strictly stick to the prompt to avoid deviating it.

Pick The Most Enjoyable Topic For Yourself

Although following the prompt is vital, you still have chances to choose a topic for yourself. The quality and authenticity of your work will be at a higher level if the topic has a huge impact on you.

Do Research For Better Insight

You should spend time reading more about the organization or the institution offering the scholarship. Once fully aware of their concept, motivation, and mission, you are closer to the “impress the readers” missions.

Besides, previous winners’ essays are also the most useful and credible source for you. You can easily find them on the organization’s website or forums.

Pay Attention To The Word Or Character Count

There is a limitation of words and characters for your essay. You can use Microsoft Word or other online tools to help you control your word count.

Some real cases show that scholarship units can even disqualify applicants that did not follow the requirement.

Make A Plan With Enough Time 

You will need a certain amount of time to perfectly draw a plan, think about the prompt, prepare an outline, draft, write, then revise.

The most common time for writing an essay is at least two weeks before your deadline. Moreover, you may even need some extra days to take a break to prevent burnout and find more creative ideas.


Your essay would be more logical if it had a clear “road map” to follow. The first step is listing some original concepts; you can eventually pick one to start the outline.

Use Types Of Support: Ethos, Pathos, And Logos

FYI – these are means of persuading your audience, or you can see them as techniques for a more convincing and powerful essay.

Ethos: Readers want to see who you are as an author. You need to establish your authority on the topic.

For example, share your thoughts about the importance of introducing minimum wage when you see the unfairness in your workplace.

Pathos: You will convince the readers by reaching to their emotions.

For example, explain how dangerous the situation is if one doesn’t buy insurance.

Logos: The mission is to persuade readers with logical thoughts and facts.

For example, talk about the changes in the future when there are more schools using robots for education. You will have to give the number of those schools.

Extra Tips For Writing An Outstanding Essay For Scholarship

Be Honest

It is quite important to talk about your story and experience in more interesting ways. However, do not make up anything or embellish to make the readers think you are more deserving than others.

Trust us! The authenticity of your essay is more powerful than anything. Experienced readers can spot the nonsense in your essay more easily than you think.

Be Clear and Concise

Although you can use evocative words and sentences, we recommend you should always get to the point. The best choice for you is direct and the simplest words.

Moreover, it would be inappropriate to generalize your viewpoint through specific examples or used ornate language for brief, short sentences.

Show Your Flexibility

Most scholarship prompts ask applicants about their hardship in the past. This type of question is quite popular as it helps readers see students’ flexibility and ability to solve problems. 

However, lots of students discuss their hardship without showing how they face it. Focus more on this aspect, so the readers can judge you through your strategies when dealing with challenges.

Be Professional And Humble

A scholarship essay is the perfect chance for you to show your accomplishments. Nonetheless, listing everything in the essay may bring many adverse effects since the readers may feel tired and can not see your real strength.

Therefore, keep a proper balance. At the same time, you need to use your tone and voice to write your essay without putting conversational words and swearing in it.

Proofread Your Essay

Readers would quickly dismiss your essay if they found spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or typos. Those things show that you did not put all your efforts into the essay; hence, readers might think you don’t appreciate the chance.

Use Smart Fonts

The scholarship essay is where you have to behave professionally. The essay must have readability without making readers overwhelm. In this case, the most standard choice for you is the Times New Roman, size 12-13.


When it comes to revising, you should do it with a peaceful mind. We hope you can leave for a while to take a break, then go back to revise your essay with a fresh mood and energy. You will see your work with new perspectives.

Another way to revise is by asking for feedback from your friends, peers, or teachers.

Preparing For An Essay

Things Not To Put On Your Essay

Now let us show you what should not appear in your essay:

Motivational Quote

We can easily find these quotes on daily social media, and they are truly empowering. However, a scholarship essay is about you and is a special chance for you to express yourself. You don’t want to put any distraction like this into your work.

Cliché Stories

In a scholarship essay, applicants may have to explain how getting the scholarship will help them in the future. And this is when people overuse cliché stories.

Most of those stories include people who have happy endings with luck and help. They will weaken the power and ruin the meaning of your essay.


You can be creative but in a safe way. There are many popular phrases on TV shows or inspirational speeches with curse words and profanity. Please do not use them as you may offend your readers.

Disregard other applicants

The worst thing you can do is telling readers that you are better than anybody else. The readers can see your manner through words in your essay. 

There are plenty of ways to list reasons why the scholarship is for you without insulting anyone. As a result, putting down others will be the last thing you want to do.

Long Gratitude

Many people typing extremely long paragraphs to say “thank you” for the scholarship.

You need to avoid putting too much praise and gratitude into your work and wisely use the word or character within the limitation.

Final Thoughts

We hope with our information and guidance, you can save more time and energy when searching for help. Hopefully, with our extra tips, you can make your essay the most unique and increase the chances of winning. 

Good luck with your future goal!


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