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During four years in college, you’ll probably have to write a lot of essays, homework, team assignments… However, to get a complete essay with a high grade, it’s really not easy.

In this article, I’d like to share the experiences that I’ve been accumulating when I write my essay for me for nearly three years. From the days that I hand in summarily copy-pasted essays, to the time that I could write such excellent ones, which brought me A marks.

What’s an essay? Many students, especially freshmen, even don’t understand what it is when they are given? It is generally understood that an essay is a report on a subject or a practical issue of a unit to draw conclusions, contribute opinions, propose solutions to implement or improve the problem. An essay often includes not over 30 pages.

Whether it is personal or group-oriented, the steps to conduct an essay follow the following sequence: select the essay topic; make the outline; identify the resources; write the contents; complete the presentation and side stages. When I write my essay for me, in every step, there are some notes like this:

1. Choose the topic

This section only executes when teachers allow me to freely choose the topic to write my essay for me. At the moment, the selection of the subject should be achieved

· Match the content that teachers give: many students, when choosing topics, I won’t pay attention to whether it’s appropriate for the subjects. If I do not read the teacher’s request when I write my essay for me, it can lead to misunderstanding.

· Topics I am interested in doing. It will be easier for me to write my essay for me with the topic that I’m really into.

· Possible: I must have sufficient knowledge and references to complete it. The topic of my interest but not enough knowledge that the finding of reference materials does not work best, not to choose.

2. Outline

The setup step is important because it decides to go to the layout and the direction of the whole article. So, I usually do the outline and ask the teacher to help me avoid mistakes when I write my essay for me.

The outline of a regular essay will include 3 parts:

· The first part (chapter I or section I, depending on the way of marking) is commonly referred to as the argument chapter: a number of arguments or referrals about the issue of the issue. If the experience is intended to be given to the issue mentioned in the subject. When I write my essay for me, the most appropriate position of this part is to be at the end of this section.

· The second part ( chapter II or section II): is the actual status and evaluation: present the situation of the issue mentioned in the topic of the same evaluation when I write my essay for me..

· The third part: often write about solutions, recommendations, lessons learned or directions to time. This section presents based on the basis of the situation, the difficulties, problems, and problems of the issue mentioned in chapter 2. In this section, I suggest a personal point of view to complete arguments related to the topic.


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