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On the path of academic study, writing an essay is definitely common. It may be used for an assignment, a competition, or university entrance. In this post, I will tell you the steps to write my essay for me. I hope that my experiences will help you overcome the difficulties in writing an essay.

  1. Research the topic. Before getting support to write my essay for me, I always find as much information about the topic as possible. It is now easier than ever thanks to the Internet. I sometimes go to the library for academic documents or read newspapers. When I become confused about what I need, asking the librarian is helpful. There are some pieces of advice for you from my experiences in researching the topic before I write my essay for me: 
  • Identify accepted sources of consultation  
  • Get the idea if your teacher prescribes main and secondary consulting sources
  • Make sure that Wikipedia is allowed or not. Wikipedia may be an informative source but some teachers want to see information from more orthodox sources.
  • Never ignore the information and opinions that opposite to your ones. A good writer will whether figure out the mistakes if those opinions are wrong or adjust his opinions if the opposite ones are correct. 
  1.  Analyze excellent essays. In the studying process, I often find some good papers (and some are not really good) about my subject. When I go deeper into those papers, I am surprised that there are so many things that I could use to write my essay for me. Let’s study what is the success in the examples below:
  • What is the writer’s theoretical point? Where had they come from? Is it because of the strict, the reference, the writing, the structure? Any other factors? 
  • What evidence did the author use? The author’s testimony is so good? How does the author present the arguments and how the author creates the story with these facilities? 
  • The argument is logical or shield and why? To make reasonable arguments? Does the author use an example to support his arguments? 
  1. Brainstorm and find your own ideas. Sometimes I can use others’ opinions to support to write my essay for me. However, I know that I need an individual idea about the topic to be my own.
  • Make a list of ideas. You can also try using a thinking map. 
  • Be patient. Walking around the house or in the park and thinking about the subject. Ready for ideas that can come at least.  
  1. Consider found ideas. I often select from one to three best support for my topic. I can use the findings from researches to support writing my essay for me. It is necessary to write a summary of the ideas that I plan to present. The reading of the course and the indeed reason is very important. 
  • The topic should focus on both topics and content you will present.  For example: ” despite opening a new era of prosperity for the united states, Eli Whitney’s cotton tách also increases the anguish of African – American slaves, the class that needs to be higher and more exploited than ever. “. 
  • The subject should not be a question, written in the first ” I “, digressive or aggressive
  1. Write down an outline. Use and arrange ideas to find the outline. I always write the topic for each of your main ideas. Then, I use the line header and list the supporting arguments below. In general, each key will need three arguments or arguments to support writing my essay for me. 
  • The theme: “Eli Whitney’s Cotton particle separator made life harder for African – American slaves”. 
  • Explaining: “The success of the cotton separator makes it difficult for slaves to buy free”. 
  • Explaining: “Many slaves in the north face the risk of abduction and moving into the south to work on cotton fields”. 
  • Explaining: “In 1790, before the cotton tách was born, there were about 700, 000 slaves in the united states. By 1810, after the cotton tách was put into use, the number was about 1. 2 million, increase by 70%”. 
  1. Write the body. After having the outline, I consider the length of the essay. I don’t write too much if teachers only ask for a post with 5 paragraphs. However, I still use freewriting to shape my thoughts. I always remember that I always can edit and make them more concise. Then I start to write my essay for me. 
  • Don’t make a point. Claims like ” today, the most important issue the world needs to face ” can make your post removed if readers disagree with it. On the other hand, using ” ______ is an important global problem ” that will be more accurate in this case. 
  • Don’t say “I” or, “I think”. Similarly, avoid using personal pronouns such as ” you”, “we”, “my”, “your”, or “our”. Simply presenting the argument with the arguments for that argument to strengthen your persuasion. Instead of writing ” I see that Mr. Frum has a subjective view, ” give the reader the reason why your thesis is reasonable: ” Frum shows a subjective view when writing…”  
  1. Use enticing titles and recommendations. I understand that the topic name and the recommendation are factors that make others want to read my articles. If the teacher is an object of the essay, of course, they will read the entire article. However, if I attend a contest or write an application to the university, to be successful, the title and recommendation should appeal to the reader. An excellent theme can help a lot to write my essay for me. But there always are some notes:
  • Avoid the obvious expression of expression: ” This article is about “, ” the topic of this essay is ” or ” now, I will prove it “. 
  • Try the reverse pyramid formula. Start with a very broad description of the subject and narrow down on your specific topic. Don’t use more than 3 to 5 sentences for a short essay or more than a page for longer posts. 
  • For example, a short essay: every year, thousands of animals are abused or abandoned to the city’s animal centers. The incarceration of animals at the center is not only harming them but also drained government budgets. The town and city can prevent this by introducing regulations on compulsory education before adopting potential owners. This may be opposed to the beginning of implementation, but the people will soon find the benefits that are much greater than the cost of paying”. 
  1. Conclusion. A summary of the main point and provide directions whereby my conclusions are more widely reflected. 
  • Answer questions like: “what’s the real point behind your topic is what’s next, “what’s the next step, “what’s the question yet? ” 
  • The argument should lead readers to conclusions naturally, rationally. It means that you’re packing the theme at the conclusion by helping readers remember the journey through the post. 
  • To master one’s sentence. If the title and the beginning of the essay draw the reader, the last one is to remind them of you. Once they fall to the ground, the perfect balancing movement of the gymnast will be forgotten. The athlete needs to “keep ground” and so does the writer. 

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