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An essay is mostly used to persuade readers to agree with a concrete opinion which you believe and support. You can write an essay to express your own thoughts any topic. Whether you disagree with junk foods at school or make your boss make a promotion, skills in writing an essay is what you need. And in this post, I will give you some advices from my experiences about How I write my essay for me. 

1. Choose a firm subject of discussion. 

A subject of discussion is all of arguments sum up in a sentence. In my essay, the subject of discussion often clearly expresses my attitude on the theme of the essay. I never try to write a vague sentence which include too much or too little information but don’t have a main point. As a result, that sentence can convince no one. So when I start to write my essay for me, I choose the best subject of discussion as possible. 

  • Should: “It is necessary to remove preferential policies because this policy assigns the person of the group to priority positions where they do not have the capacity to undertake, restrict the opportunities of good people”.
  • Shouldn’t: “Priority policy provides benefits for many minority groups, but also takes advantage of other groups”.  
  • Note, you can convince readers to keep an open attitude. Saying, ” priority policy is a policy that needs to be carefully reviewed, should not be fully maintained or destroyed, which is still strong”. 

2. Begin each paragraph with a clearly direct theme.

When I write an essay for me, I often count the theme of each paragraph as little subject of discussion. This will guarantee to maintain the link when I develop the discussion. I always try to build the system of opinions step by step. This method not only makes my essay logical, but also helps readers easily understand. 

  • Should: “The destruction of tropical rain in the world also destroys the potential for discovery of drugs and scientific inventions in the diverse and mysterious ecosystems”. 
  • Should: “Tropical rainforests are home to many plants and animals that are useful for medicine and science, which will be lost if we continue to destroy them”.  
  • Shouldn’t: “Destroying tropical rainforests is bad”. 

3. Combine the discussion and cites to make clear opinions.

When I bring up an opinion or a difficult judgement, explanation is necessary. One of the best ways to do this when I write my essay for me is do the opposite. I give the evidences before bringing up my opinions – to lead the readers along my intention.

  • Should: “A recent survey shows that 51% young millennials, who are born during the year 1980 to the early 2000s, were also discriminated against as ethnic minorities. Young people in this generation believe that racial equality exists, and they also believe that they have found them”.
  •  Should: Freedom and equality are not only useful and useful for the entire society. In addition, the lack of freedom is believed to be “the origin of corruption and collapse”, and “preventing any real improvement in the human race”.
  • Shouldn’t: “The prison system has quarantined drugs and dangerous criminals out of society, and this certainly makes americans safer”. “If you don’t explain it, this definition will be a meaningless comment”.

4. Write short sentences and go directly to the topic. 

I will give only one opinion in each sentence when I write my essay for me. I want readers to understand my judgement correctly, not to be confused with too much information. 

  • Should: “The people who are considered founding america are intellectuals, and most of the americans are not. Education is the right of rich people, and education is achieved through expensive or private schools. In the early 1800s, Horace Mann lived in massachusetts dedicated to changing the situation”.
  • Should: “Public education is no longer a priority in this country as only 2% of the tax money is paid for schools. Obviously we need to find a way to raise this fund if we want to get real progress in the education system”. 
  • Shouldn’t: “America is not an education country because education is considered the rights of the rich. So in the early 1800s, Horace Mann decided to change this situation”.

5. Using various persuasion techniques

When I write my essay for me, I often use various persuasion techniques to dive into the reader. Persuasion has been studied since ancient greece. Though it takes a lifetime to master this art, but if you learn some skill and tools, you can become a good writer immediately. For example, in a post on the topic of allowing syrian refugees, you can use:

  • Repeat: repeat your views. Tell them what you’ ll talk about, tell them about it, then say what you said. They’ ll finally understand the problem. For example, many times, statistics don’t lie to — we need to open the door to help refugees. 
  • Use social recognition: quotes to indicate that you are not the only person protecting this view. It’s a universal message that if they want to integrate, they need to consider your views. For example, ” we don’ t forget the inscription on the nation’s most solemn statue, the statue of liberty, asking us ” to give us tired, poverty, and crowds of people who wish to breath in the air. There’ s no reason syrians can’ t be included in that crowd. 
  • The excitement of the problem: before the solution, let readers see how bad things are. Give them reason to care about your views. For example, ” more than 100 million refugees have had to leave. President assad didn’t steal the power but also attack with poison gas and bomb his people. He despised the geneva convention, which has long been established as a standard of social behaviour and human rights, and people no longer have a choice but run away”.  

6. Admit and against the contrary views. 

My view will be more compelling if you admit and reject the contrary views. Usually, I often do this in two paragraphs when I write my essay for me.

  • Should: A gun can protect you from threats. But the reality is that when you use a gun you’ ll be easier to hurt yourself than protect yourself from others 
  • Should: Despite the fact that accidents with guns in the house, the government has no responsibility to protect people from themselves. If they hurt themselves, that’s their right 
  • Shouldn’t: The most obvious solution is prohibiting guns. There’s no argument in it.


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